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Non-discriminatory and equal HAMK
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Non-discriminatory and equal HAMK

Openness guides our operations

The aim of Häme University of Applied Sciences is that each employee can feel that the group’s operating methods are fair, encouraging and appreciative of the employee. Decision-making concerning employees and its preparation are open and transparent.

Häme University of Applied Sciences has a statutory Non-discrimination and equality plan that discusses ways of promoting non-discrimination and equality between genders. This plan is part of the group’s strategies aiming at the effective implementation of equality in all activities of the organisations: recruitment of students and employees, guidance, working conditions and career advancement, administration and research, and the distribution of work tasks. The purpose of the plan is to promote gender equality between employees and non-discrimination in all activities. Striving towards this goal is a duty for all members of the group.

Our operating model for non-discrimination and equality work aims at a flexible and continuous development cycle (PDCA), in which experimenting with new operating models, sharing information and good practices, following up and redefining measures and objectives can be carried out and implemented.

The non-discrimination and equality plan is currently being updated. (7 February 2022)