Academic Calendar and Enrolment; Construction Engineering

Academic Calendar and Enrolment in Construction Engineering

14.12.2018 15:10

Resit exams

Resit exams are done in the auditorium on resit exam days. Information and enrolment instructions can be found below.

Note:  Exams done with a computer are not done on general resit exam days. They are done in a computer class or using the EXAM (tenttiakvaario) system.

In each case, instructions on how the exam can be taken are given by the teacher responsible for the module part.


Enrolment links to the auditorium resit exams:

Notice! Only one enrolment per form. If you are enrolling for two exams in one resit exam you have to fill in two forms.

Enrol for 23 January resit exam (enrollment period 1.12.2018-9.1.209)
Enrol for 13 February resit exam (enrollment period 1.12.2018-30.1.2019)


Resit exam principles

You may try to improve a fail grade twice. Within a year after finishing a course, you may try to improve the grade of a passed course once if the original exam was passed during the course. The exam passed in a resit exam cannot be improved. In the event that you fail to achieve a pass grade even after these trials, you will need to discuss the possibility of retaking the course with the teacher. The course has to be completed within one year of the end of the course.

Construction Engineering degree programme has it´s own specific exam days for resit exams (listed above). On those days, you can take exams for any Construction Engineering degree Programme´s studies except the exams done with a computer. You can do maximum two exams in a one resit. Resit exams are are organized from 3 pm to 6 pm. These resit exams are in Visamäki in C-building in the auditorium. If your exam is done with a computer you have to arrange the resit directly with the teacher.

The degree programme might limit the resit days if the teacher of the course is  not working any more in HAMK. 


Enrolling for a resit exam

Enrol for the resit exams by the links above.

Please register for a resit exam at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date.
• You can sit a maximum of two exams on resit exam time.
• If you are doing a maturity test you are not allowed to do any other exam at the same resit time.
• Remember to register for all exams you are taking.
• If you have problems with your enrolment contact the person in charge for resits In (
• Enrolments done late are not accepted. If you are late with your enrolment you have to enroll for the next possible resit exam.

Cancellation of resit exam enrolment

You are deemed to have participated in an exam unless you cancel your participation at least four working days prior to the exam. Cancel your enrolment by contacting the teacher and the person responsible for the resit exam (

Resit examination

  • Candidates must arrive on time at the examination. Those arriving more than 30 minutes after the start time will be denied entry.
  • Candidates may only bring in writing materials, as well as any other exam-specific equipment indicated by the examiner.
  • Students who require special arrangements in accordance with accessibility principles must agree on these in advance.
  • The invigilator will announce the end time of the exam at the beginning. The exam time begins when the invigilator gives permission to start.
  • Candidates may not leave the exam room until 30 minutes after the start time. In Visamäki students are allowed leave leave after that every half an hour.
  • Students may not return to the exam room after leaving it unless special arrangements have been made to allow this.
  • Candidates must return all exam papers at the end, even those which are unanswered.
  • The supervisor checks the identity of all candidates when they submit their exam papers.
  • Students who are found to be cheating or otherwise disobey the invigilator’s instructions may be expelled from the exam by the supervisor.
  • The duration of the examination is three hours.


In any cases of concerns about a resit exam a student should contact the person responsible for the resit exam.


Examination procedure

The actual examination is held during the course. You do not have to register separately for the examination because the course enrolment also includes the examination. If you cannot sit the actual examination, you will forfeit one examination sitting. In that case, you will fail the examination.




1. Exam supervisors invite the students in by calling their names and show the students to the correct seat. (In resit examinations)

2. Mobile phones must be switched off and left, along with all personal belongings, outdoor clothes and any bags at the front of the classroom.

3. Students are only allowed the necessary tools as listed by the lecturer with them while taking the exam.

4. Students are not allowed to use dictionaries or any electronic translation devices.

5. The exam begins when the supervisor gives permission. This means you must not look at the question sheet or write your name on anything until told to do so.

6. You are not allowed to leave the exam during the first 30 minutes.

7. Students arriving more than 30 minutes late for the exam will not be allowed to participate.

8. Should you have a question, raise your hand and wait for the supervisor.

9. You may not temporarily leave the exam room during the exam. Should there be an emergency situation, the supervisor may use his/her discretion to allow students to leave the room one at a time.

10. Any form of communication or conversation during the exam is forbidden.

11. You must have your personal identification available during the exam and you must show it to the supervisor when returning your examination papers. (In resit examination)

12. All of the papers and accompanying material must be returned to the supervisor upon completion of the exam.

13. The supervisor will not give any clarification of the exam questions. In case of any uncertainty, write your answer in the way that matches your best understanding of the question.

14. There will be repercussions for students who do not abide by these rules.