Accommodation; Evo - Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu
Accommodation; Evo

Student Accommodation in Evo

12.12.2018 08:25

HAMK will arrange accommodation in advance for students provided that they inform of their arrival well in advance. The International Tutor will meet you at the station when you arrive at Evo and will take you to your dormitory immediately. You will also receive the key for your dormitory then and the tutor will tell you about the practical arrangements, rules and instructions on how to get to the school, town centre, etc. from your residence. Reservations for students are made by HAMK, but residents must sign the contract themselves and they are responsible for paying the rent, etc. themselves.

Dormitories at Evo

There are two dormitories at Evo for HAMK students, Saarela and Uusi-Saarela. Saarela is mainly reserved for people with dogs and Uusi-Saarela for others. All dormitories include basic furniture: bed with mattress, pillow and blanket (no linen), desk in the bedroom and a dining table with chairs in the kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery and cleaning equipment. Each student is responsible for keeping the dormitory clean and maintained. On departure, the rooms should be in the same condition as on arrival.

Note that the doors of the main building are locked at 16.00. After that you can get in with a key card. You may get the card by paying about €15 deposit fee.


There are different housing options in the Evo area. The rent depends on the condition of the dormitory and the number of students sharing the residence at Evo.

  • €130 per month (shared with one student)
  • €234 per month (alone)

There are also two new houses with apartments for one person, two persons and families built by the local student housing foundation. The rents are much higher than in the old apartments, about €329 for a one bedroom apartment and €530 for a two bedroom apartment. Unfortunately, that being the case, many of them are already reserved. The electricity, water and heating are included in the rent. All apartments are very close to the school, within 40 – 50 metres.