Accommodation; Mustiala

Student Accommodation in Mustiala

12.12.2018 13:48

HAMK will arrange accommodation in advance for students provided that they inform of their arrival well in advance. You will be staying in a dormitory with other Mustiala students and exchange students from all over the world.

Up till now, all foreign students and teachers have lived at Mustiala since it is the cheapest way of living here, and it is difficult to rent an apartment in this region. In Forssa, there are some hotels but the cost of living there is much higher than staying in Mustiala. Foreign students do not have to pay a security deposit for housing in Mustiala, as it is many times the case in the private market. In Mustiala, your accommodation will be in a student dormitory. The dormitory has a well-equipped kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Rent in Mustiala

Foreign students pay around €130/month (which is extremely cheap in Finland) for accommodation in a double-room. You can bring your own linen or rent linen from HAMK Mustiala (extra charge €10/set). If you rent linen, new set will be provided every second Monday – but you have to change the sheets yourself. Rent payments to the Students Affairs Office.

The dormitories include basic furniture: bed with mattress, pillow and blanket, desk in the bedroom and dining table with chairs in the kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery and cleaning equipment. Dormitories/the student housing complex has a communal room for students, a laundry room and a sauna. Each student is responsible for keeping the dormitory room clean. On departure the rooms should be in the same condition as on arrival. Electricity and water are included in the rent.

You can also use the sauna near the lake. There are separate turns for ladies and gentlemen twice a week. During the wintertime you can swim in the hole in the ice!

Contact person

If you have questions about renting in Mustiala, please contact Ms Mervi Valtonen, phone (03) 646 5521.