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Accommodation; Mustiala

Student Accommodation in Mustiala

09.11.2023 14:46

Mustiala campus is an enjoyable and historic environment to study. Students will be staying in a dormitory with other Mustiala students and exchange students from all over the world.

Usually almost all students live in Mustiala dormitories since it is convenient way of living here near school. It is also a low-priced option to rent a room from shared apartment. Foreign students do not have to pay a security deposit for housing in Mustiala, as it is often for example in the private market. Accommodation should be agreed in advance.

Living in Mustiala

The rent in Mustiala is 190-315€/month depending on what kind of room you choose; a room for two students (double room) or for one student (single room).  All rooms are furnished. It means that rooms have basic furniture: a bed with a mattress, table and chair, wardrobe and bookcase in some rooms. Apartments have a shared kitchen and living room. Toilets and shower rooms are also shared.

Rent prices starting at 1.8.2023

Whole room /Shared room

Big room 15-29 m² 315,00 €/month/240,00 €/month
Small room 8-14 m² 275,00 €/month 200,00 €/month

HEIKKILÄ 265,00 €/month 190,00 €/month

MAIJALA 265,00 €/month 190,00 €/month

MATTILA 265,00 €/month 190,00 €/month

Big room 15-20 m² 315,00 €/month 240,00 €/month
Small room 14-10 m² 275,00 €/month 200,00 €/month

Big room 15-20 m² 315,00 €/month 240,00 €/month
Small room 14-10 m² 265,00 €/month 200,00 €/month

PÄÄRAKENNUS MUSTIALA 275,00 €/month 200,00 €/month

TAVASTILA 265,00 €/month 190,00 €/month

TOUKOLA 265,00 €/month 190,00 €/month

VANHALA 250,00 €/month 180,00 €/month


Mattila and Maijala dormitories


Toukola and Tavastila dormitories


Services included

Electricity and water are included in the rent. Bathing in the sauna and laundry are also free of charge.

Students are responsible for keeping the dormitory rooms clean.

Sauna and lake

On Mustiala campus there is a sauna near the lake. During the winter time there is also opportunity for winter swimming.

Applying for an apartment

You can apply for housing with this form: Accommodation

When you change apartment or you leave for a longer time Resign or half-rent


Contact us

If you have questions about living in Mustiala, please contact

Ms Satu Suoranta, Education Assistant, , phone +358505745236