Accommodation; Valkeakoski

Student accommodation in Valkeakoski

In Valkeakoski there are two student apartment buildings available. The two estates for students are administered by Valkeakosken Asunnot Oy.

  • Valkeakosken Asunnot Oy contact information: Address: Valtakatu 22-24, 37600 Valkeakoski, Fax: +358 3 5691 6173​, Office hours: Mon – Fri at 9 am – 3 pm. Not during weekends!
  • In order to find accommodation, you should fill in an application
  • Please make only one application, either online application or printed paper form but not both.

Application instructions

Just fill in the online application (or fill in an apartment application, print it out) and send. Valkeakosken Asunnot Oy won’t answer your emails. The result of applications will be announced by email in the beginning of August​, not before that. Please notice that there is a limited amount of student flats available, it’s better to try to get the flat also from the public markets.

Rental agreements will be made for continuing not for fixed period. You can send the application whenever you want to Valkeakosken Asunnot Oy. Application is valid for 3 months, after that you can renew your application. You need a study certificate or a copy of the letter of admission from your university of applied sciences. Apartments, which are available, will be given to students whose applications are updated.

The rent level in Valkeakoski Asunnot Oy is between €360 – 678/person/month depending on the accommodation location and condition. Notice that a rent deposit is compulsory (at least one month’s rent) and has to be paid before getting keys. Most of the apartments do not have furniture so you must take care by them yourself. The rent includes electricity and water. The rent does not include an internet connection. There is no washing machine in student apartments, but a private laundry is located quite near (Lempääläntie 19).

The apartment sizes in Valkeakoski vary from one to two rooms with a kitchen and bathroom.

Notice! The tenant is not allowed to rent apartments ahead. Rental agreement can be cancelled due to misuse.

At the moment there are two buildings reserved specifically for students:

Pajutie 1

  • Rent: 380 – 495 euros/month
  • Location: proximity to school 750 meters
  • Conditions: moderately recent building
  • Store: Siwa (for groceries)
  • Extra: closest to school, but it is in a residential area a bit far from town centre

Lempääläntie 43

  • Rent: 370 – 690 euros/month
  • Location: proximity to school 1.5 kilometres
  • Conditions: good building, mostly exchange students living there
  • Store: K-market, S-market (for groceries)
  • Extra: closer to town centre
  • Payment for furniture €60/month, in shared room €30/month (available in few rooms)

Some other links, which offer flats from the public markets:

Apartments do not have furniture, lamps, washing machine or internet connection. Electricity and water will be paid separately in the most of the cases. Private companies usually charge a payment for delivering the apartment.

When you arrive

When you arrive Valkeakoski and you’ve got a flat through Valkeakosken Asunnot Oy, you should go first to their office (address: Valtakatu 22-24, Valkeakoski, opening hours: Mon – Fri at 9:00 – 15:00) and sign the rental agreement. Then you go to the bank and pay the deposit. After that you return to Valkeakosken Asunnot Oy’s office and will get the key for your apartment. Tutoring students will assist you.


Please note that each student is responsible for keeping the apartment clean. On departure, the room should be in the same condition as on arrival. In other case the deposit will be used to cover the cleaning costs.

Valkeakosken Asunnot Oy will charge 200 EUR for a lost key and 200 EUR for cleaning a flat. If you leave something (ie. furniture) in a flat when you leave, you will get 100 – 300 EUR bill for clearing up the flat.

If you really want to throw some old furniture away when you leave, please take them to the official dumping place ( You cannot use normal waste containers for furniture, broken TVs or computers.

Make sure that you pay the rent in time. Remember to use correct bank account number and reference code.

Cancelling your contract

Cancel the rental contract in previous month than you plan to leave. An example: if you plan to move out from May 1, you must cancel the contract on March 31 at the latest. Otherwise you must pay for May as well. Cancelling must be done in written form. You can cancel the contract by email also, but remember to put your full name and address on it.


Deposit will be released within two (2) weeks after all keys are given back to Valkeakosken Asunnot Oy. Possible cleaning costs will be deducted. Make an agreement with the bank to get the money to your bank account (especially in foreign country).