Final Thesis; Electrical and Automation Engineering

Final Thesis in Electrical and Automation Engineering

13.11.2018 14:23

The following is a summary of the practice of thesis works in HAMK and the Valkeakoski unit. Familiarise yourself first with HAMK’s guide on thesis work.

Thesis Process in Valkeakoski

NB! Seminar days marked in a group’s time table ( for the students having scheduled Thesis work shops. Other students have will follow individual time tables and general public seminar, 5 credits 

Planning, 5 credits

  • familiarise yourself with HAMK’s Thesis guide
  • write a topic description (App 2), have the topic of your thesis accepted, and prepare the thesis agreement (App 1)
  • select your implementation method (practice-based, portfolio etc.) and write a plan using the template (App 3)
  • familiarise yourself with the instructions concerning re-search permissions issued by HAMK and the customer and fill in a research permission application if necessary
  • familiarise yourself with the reference material and start writing the knowledge base

Implementation, 5 credits

  • keep working on the thesis following the implementation method you selected
  • take part in supervision and guidance sessions
  • present your thesis and act as an opponent to another student at the interim seminar

Final touches, 5 credits

  • finalise your thesis on the basis of the feedback
  • submit an abstract in English to the English teacher and a Finnish summary to the Finnish teacher 
  • send the finished thesis to your supervisor
  • submit the thesis for archival and/or publication
  • take the maturity test (Bachelor’s degree)
  • present your thesis at the final seminar
  • request feedback from the customer and give your own feedback on the thesis process. Submit the feedback to your supervisor
  • you will receive a grade and a statement on the thesis

Participation in a planning seminar as an observer
At a planning seminar, student will recount the beginning stages of their thesis work (presentation 10 min). As an observer at a first seminar, you will be provided with tips from those students starting their thesis work, in regards to thesis topics, the search for the work, negotiations that have taken place with the commissioners of the works, the setting of the aims for the work and the preparation of timetables and research plans. 

Register as a writer of a thesis work 
Once you have found an agreeable subject and talked about its potential with your tutor, accept the subject with the Head of Degree Programme. Fill in and print out the form Thesis topic (App. 2) give it in paper version to Student Affairs Office. The Head of the Degree Programme will appoint a supervisor for your work. Enrolments will be handled once a month. You will be notified as to who the supervisor is through Moodle. Notice that all communication with the Supervisor about Thesis will be done in Moodle.

The supervisor may accompany you and participate in discussions on the objectives for the thesis with the commissioner of the work. A Thesis agreement (App 1) is drawn up in regards to acquired thesis works with the commissioner of the work. Deliver a copy of the agreement to the study office.

Making a work plan
Develop an objective timetable for your work plan (Thesis template (App 3); also mention as objectives, your set interim and final seminar days. The aim is to have the thesis work completed, at the latest, one year after enrolling as a writer of the thesis. Send the work plan to your supervisor. 
The presentation of your own work at the planning seminar 
During the planning seminar, explain for 10-15 minutes about how you found the subject for the work, what kind of negotiations took place with the commissioner and what objectives were set for your work. Present your work plan. The dates of the seminar days at the Valkeakoski unit are available in group’s Schedule ( Individual writers: please arrange time with the Supervisor. 

Working in the interim seminar
A few (2-4) students working on their thesis works congregate for an interim seminar, which lasts a couple of hours, to present how their work is proceeding, to seek assistance for points of dilemma, to encourage each other, to hear feedback advice from their advisor and opponent, for discussions, etc. A participant in the interim seminar may also themselves oppose the work of another student. You can sign up for an interim seminar, when you’ve written at least one third of the Thesis report.

Act in the interim seminar as follows: 
– Present the current stage of your thesis work as a Word document, and not as a Power Point presentation. 
– Show the work’s table of contents, the list of source material and a few key chapters / pages of the text. 
– It is worthwhile remembering that when presenting the work, the focus and viewpoint is to present the research and writing process of the thesis work: how you intend to approach the matter, what sources you use, what kind of research methods / techniques / programs you use, how you will present the results, etc. 
– Only describe the commissioner company, products, target markets, technical solutions and other matters in brief. 
– Condense your words to about 20 minutes; a total of 30 minutes is reserved for each presentation for discussions.

Prior to the seminar, each individual sends the current version of their own work to be read by their supervisor, and also another seminar participant (opponent).

As an opponent you will comment on a given work, give praise and make constructive suggestions for improvements. You will preside over the discussion when you act as an opponent. The interim seminars are held according to a group’s schedule.

Listening to final seminar presentations 
Students are recommended to listen final seminars (an open occasion for all listeners) before the presentation of their own seminar. 

Communication with the supervisor(s)
The thesis supervisor is a representative of HAMK staff assigned by the Head of Degree Programme who guides the student in writing the thesis, gives feedback and supervises the student’s progress with the thesis. Usually, there are two thesis supervisors: one that supervises the actual contents and another that reads through the text of the thesis.

The communications teacher (= English language teacher) guides the student in linguistic issues related to the thesis report and accepts the maturity test in terms of language. A communications teacher takes part in the supervision of a Bachelor’s thesis from the planning phase on, once the student has produced some “body text”, or sections of the introduction and knowledge base. As part of the guidance, the students are given a model of the correct text type and sample pages are corrected, but the text is not edited for the student. A Finnish language teacher checks the language of the Finnish abstract.

Maintain contact with your supervisor in Moodle. Deliver your thesis work report to the representative of the commissioner, content supervisor and the text advisors for comments, at least four weeks prior to the final seminar.

Publishing of the work

Theses are primarily published in Theseus, the common thesis database of universities of applied sciences when your thesis supervisor gives permission to publish it. For instructions for saving your thesis in the database, see online at If the thesis cannot be published in Theseus, the student should submit it through the Funet FileSender service ( Details for publishing and electronic archiving, you find in “Fall 2016: Thesis Guide”.

As student applies his or her degree certificate, HAMK checks that an archive copy of the thesis has been submitted (Notice the delay with submission in some cases!)

If you or the commissioner need a copy of thesis report in covers, you can buy covers from the kiosk of the student union HAVO ry, their office is located in A-building, 2nd floor. One cover costs 8 EUR – in cash. When HAVO office is closed you can leave the printed theses books in an envelope (cash included) for HAVO to Student Affairs Office. HAVO will bind them later. Agree with HAVO ( how to get the final versions from them.

The presentation of your own thesis work at the final seminar
Present your thesis work at the final seminar (the objectives, the commissioner in brief, the theory, the progress of the actual work, results, conclusions, the achieving of the objectives, etc.). Provide the listeners with the opportunity to perform questions and comments. Agree the suitable presentation time with your supervising teacher on the next possible final thesis seminar day. Reserve presentation time one week before the seminar day in Moodle page Opinnäytetyön loppuseminaarit / Final Thesis Seminars (TEOS-va). Moodle key is FT-16. You can invite a representative of the commissioner and family members to the event.

Students can now keep the thesis seminar as a video presentation.

The final thesis seminar deals with ready-theses: 
For one presentation at the thesis seminar will be reserved the time, including:
1) student’s concise oral presentation work or 2) video presentation by the student prepared in advance (max 5 min)
and the debate on the subject of the thesis.

Students are normally present in the seminar and will participate in the conversation of his/her thesis.
Link to the video will be sent in advance to the workspace determined by degree program (eg, Moodle).

Video instructions can be found: 

You will get help for the technical matters related to the video presentation from: and

 Writing the maturity exam

For completion of the thesis work, you will write a maturity exam. According to given statutes from the University of Applied Sciences, the maturity exam indicates familiarity with the field in question and your Finnish or Swedish language skills; foreign students may write the maturity exam in English
The maturity exam is taken as a general examination day, unless otherwise agreed with your supervisor. The supervisor will provide you with 3-4 alternative headlines from the field of your thesis work, for which you will write a 2-4 -page essay on one of them. The reader of the essay is to be considered as specialist in the field of your thesis work, unless otherwise specified in the mandate. 
The supervisor will evaluate the content of the maturity exam and a communications teacher will evaluate the wording used.

The handing over of feedback
Deliver any Feedback by Commissionaring party (App 7). Fill in Student Feedback on the Thesis Process –form (app. 8) and also give this to the supervisor. The supervisor will deliver all of the material mentioned in this section to the student affairs office.

Final Seminars – Loppuseminaarit

(kun opiskelijalla on henkilökohtainen aikataulu / for a student with an individual timetable)

A-auditorio, huone/room A165, Lotilantie 16, 37630 Valkeakoski

Opinnäytetyön loppuseminaareihin ilmoittautuminen ja seminaariohjelma löytyvät Moodlesta sivulta Opinnäytetyön loppuseminaarit / Final Thesis Seminars (TEOS-va). Moodle avain (tarvittaessa) on FT-16. Ajasta on sovittava ensin opettajan kanssa. Ilmoittautuminen tehtävä viimeistään viikkoa ennen seminaaripäivää.

Final Thesis Seminar enrolment and the seminar programme will be in Moodle page Opinnäytetyön loppuseminaarit / Final Thesis Seminars (TEOS-va). Moodle key (if required) is FT-16. Agree the time with your Thesis supervisor. Register for the seminar at least one week before.

Syksyn 2018 loppuseminaaripäivät / Final seminar days in Autumn 2018: