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Final Thesis; Construction Engineering

Final Thesis in Construction Engineering

12.04.2019 15:28

Construction engineering students follow HAMK thesis instructions which are in Intra.

The topic of the thesis should be relevant to the student´s professional studies and to the job the student may have after graduation.

Precise thesis instructions for construction engineering students:

  1. Student gets a thesis subject by him/herself. The degree programme will help in this if necessary.          
  2. Student can start the thesis process when he/she has completed all the basic studies and the minimum of 150 credits.
  3. Student suggests a thesis topic to the degree programme by using the Thesis topic form (App 2 on the right hand side of this page).
  4. The form should be submitted to the thesis coordinator Niina Kovanen and the head of degree programme (Jari Komsi) by e-mail. The thesis topic will be evaluated and approved in the teachers´ meeting which takes place once a month according to the attached timetable. In this meeting, supervising teacher/teachers will be appointed to students, and grading of finished thesis reports is discussed there as well.
  5. After the thesis topic has been accepted in the meeting, the information about this will be sent to a student by e-mail.          
  6. The compulsory phases of the thesis are:
    • The topic accepted in the teachers meeting
    • A starting meeting
    • Thesis agreement
    • Plan for the research and data collection
    • Supervising teacher contacts a commissioning organisation
    • Data collection
    • First (=intermediate) seminar
    • Content accepted
    • Grammar check
    • The maturity test accepted by the supervising teacher
    • Grammar of maturity test accepted (only for Finnish and Swedish speaking students)
    • Media release
    • Final seminar accepted
    • Permission for submitting the thesis in Theseus or HAMK’s electronic archive
    • Submit all required forms to the supervising teacher
    • Grading 
  7. In the first seminar, a student presents the topic and the goal of the thesis, results of the data collection and the research plan. The time used for the first seminar presentation is 15 minutes/presentation. Students having their first seminar listen to the final seminar presentations given that day. In the final seminar, a student presents final results of the thesis. Time reserved for the final presentation is 30 minutes (20 min for presentation + 10 minutes for conversation) 
    Student submits a media release to the supervising teacher one day before the final seminar.          
  8. Enrollments for both seminars are done to the supervising teacher, one week before the seminar day.          
  9. Thesis timetable is on a separate attachment.

Changes in thesis binding! 
Depending on what is agreed with the thesis supervisor, thesis report is uploaded either in Theseus or HAMK’s own electronic archive. For instructions, see Thesis guide on the right hand side of this page. HAMK does not require a bound copy of the report, but if a student wishes to have a copy of the report for him/herself, it can be done on student’s own expense.

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If you want to bind your thesis, please read the instructions here: . More information by email or by phone +358 3 45 277 4771.

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