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Leisure Time; Hämeenlinna

Living in Hämeenlinna

12.12.2018 13:36

Hämeenlinna is a vibrant educational and cultural city in the southern part of Finland at the junction of nationally important rail, road and waterway networks. It only takes around one hour to drive to Helsinki and the airport, 45 minutes to Tampere and Lahti, and two hours to Turku.

There are many stunning attractions in the Hämeenlinna region: lakes, forests, parks and a medieval castle. For more information: http://www.hameenlinna.fi/Kaupunki-info/english/ and http://www.visithameenlinna.fi/en/

Student housing

The Hämeenlinna Student Housing Foundation has provided the Hämeenlinna area with housing services for students of various educational facilities since 1987. Most student houses are situated next to University Center. University Center is located about 2 km from the city centre. 

Read more about student housing.

Leisure time in Hämeenlinna

Hämeenlinna offers many different ways of spending your free time. The city has museums, music events and festivals, theatres, nature trails and many more interesting places. For more information: http://www.hameenlinna.fi/Kaupunki-info/english/Activities/

HAMK Moves offers a broad selection of sports activities on all campuses to all its students: https://www.hamk.fi/planning-studies/hamk-moves/?lang=en

The student union HAMKO and its partner associations also organise events in Hämeenlinna: http://www.hamko.fi/en/student-culture