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Leisure Time; Valkeakoski

Living and Leisure Time in Valkeakoski

12.12.2018 14:02

Valkeakoski is known as an active corporate and educational town in which production plants of international large-scale enterprises operate. Industries represented in Valkeakoski include paper, food, machine and chemical industries as well as energy production. The surrounding industrial life also offers great opportunities for students studying in Valkeakoski.

Most places in Valkeakoski are within walking/cycling distance. The town has a good transportation infrastructure to the nearest cities such as Tampere and Hämeenlinna and is supported by easy access to the motorway. The services are student friendly, giving good possibilities for accommodation and for a good quality of living. For a town of 21 200 inhabitants, the community of Valkeakoski offers many of its services in English.

You can find the map of Valkeakoski here.​

Housing in Valkeakoski

The degree student is responsible to find their own accommodation. In Valkeakoski there are two student apartment buildings available. The two estates for students in Valkeakoski are administered by Valkeakosken Asunnot Oy (Ltd): www.valkeakoskenasunnot.fi, Address: Valtakatu 22-24, 37600 Valkeakoski, Fax: +358 3 5691 6173 , Office hours: Mon – Fri at 9 am – 3 pm.

Other links:
– www.vlk-asunnonvalitys.fi, email: vlk.asunnonvalitys@co.inet.fi
– www.wh-asunnot.fi, email: valkeakoski@wh-asunnot.fi
– www.etuovi.com (private markets)
– www.toas.fi (apartments located in Tampere)

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