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Optional Studies; Electrical and Automation Engineering

Optional Studies in Electrical and Automation Engineering

13.11.2018 12:01


Campus Studies in Valkeakoski

Tietotien lukio (Tietotie Highschool) is offering some optional language studies during the academic year. The lessons are conducted in the evenings. Student will get 3 credits into HAMK’s study register if s/he passes the course. The grade will be as HYV according to the HAMK regulations.

Studies for 2018-2019 academic year:CAMPUS STUDIES Tietotien lukio 2018-2019

In Spring 2019 will start a Spanish 1 -course for beginners. You can enroll the course here by 16 Dec 2018 at 23:59.

Valkeakoski Vocational Institute (VAAO) arranges Food hygiene passport tests on request. Please contact leena.koivisto@hamk.fi if you want to join it.

Optional Studies

For Professional Skills -module you can gather courses you are interested in. All kind of options you will find from the previous page.

Remember also campusonline.fi which offers studies both during the semesters and summer time.