Summer Studies; Mechanical Engineering

Summer studies in mechanical engineering

13.11.2018 14:12

HAMK summer projects

  • Summer project studies is a 15 credit package, where virtual studies and a project for a company are combined.
  • The project study for mechanical engineering is: Development Project – Mechanical Engineering BE00BU59-3001, see the implementation plan here (enrol in Pakki)

HAMK summer studies

HAMK summer studies will be implemented between 7.5.-31.8.2018. Enrolment for summer studies begins on 15 March. See what is offered in modules selection

Summer Studies of 23 UASs

  • 23 universities of applied sciences are offering summer studies for degree students for free
  • See courses offered:

Open university studies and summer university studies

Summer studies abroad 

  • You can participate under 3 moths lasting summer school in Europe. Universities and universities of applied sciences advertise summer schools at their websites. 
  • See also :
  • Erasmus funding is not suitable for summer schools, but there is other financing possibilities. After you have found interesting place, contact international coordinator Merita Aronen to receive more info about the funding.

Finnish Online UAS Study Services

All the web-based courses can be found via the Finnish Online UAS portal, according to information at -> link: Information on studying.

The list of available courses can be viewed without registration. When applying for a course you’ll have to register and log in to the Finnish Online UAS portal. HAMK degree students register with their own HAMK username and password, using HAKA signin service. You only register once.

All Finnish Online UAS studies are free of charge for degree students. First you have to get these studies approved in your personal study plan (PSP). Your own degree programme has to give their approval for you to take part in web-based (online) studies in another UAS. Students can follow the procedure of their own application in the Finnish Online UAS portal. In HAMK all the applications and invoicing is handled by the eOfficer (

Students’ courses and grades are registered by the eOfficers in the Finnish Online UAS portal, from where they will be transfered to their own UAS student administration system. Students can see their own grades in the Finnish Online UAS portal.

Link to the service


Open Universities of Applied Sciences offer studies for everyone! The prices are very reasonable. To give an example – 30 euros for a 3 credits course on an average. Please note that (unlike in FOUAS Study Services) you are personally responsibe for any course fees at the Open UAS studies.

Each of the Finnish UASs have their own Open UAS or open studies unit. You can search for courses on their pages. Please consult your study counsellor before enrolling to courses.

Link to Open UAS