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Academic Calendar and Enrolment

Kuuntele Academic Calendar and Enrolment 08.12.2023 13:30 Students must enrol annually for the academic year as present or absent and also to studies on HAMK’s schedules. Current Degree Students’ Enrolment for the Academic Year All students are required to enrolcontinue reading

Access to campus buildings

Kuuntele Access to campus buildings 31.01.2023 12:46 HAMK uses the Esmi access control system, which enables students, staff and other stakeholders to enter our buildings when they are locked. You can have your HAMKO student membership card activated to functioncontinue reading

Accessibility and Individual Arrangements

Kuuntele Accessibility and Individual Arrangements 31.01.2023 12:47 The special needs teacher works as a contact person for equality in studies. He is responsible for organizing individual arrangements for students who need support in studying. The link to the form forcontinue reading


Kuuntele Accommodation 05.05.2023 15:48 Degree students If you are a new degree student, we recommend you to start looking for accommodation at the earliest three months before you need the accommodation. In many cases the application is valid for threecontinue reading
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After Graduation

Kuuntele After Graduation 31.01.2023 12:51 HAMK Alumni The Graduation is not a end, it is the beginning! We would love to stay in contact with you after you graduate – not as a student anymore, but as an appreciated membercontinue reading


Kuuntele Assessment 31.10.2023 15:32 Facts about assessment criterias and course assessment you will find from the files on the right. HAMK applies competency-based assessment. This means that the assessment of modules is based on the learning outcomes and assessment criteriacontinue reading

Before starting the thesis

Kuuntele Before starting the thesis 04.05.2023 12:34 Before starting the thesis, the student must familiarize themselves with the ethical principles of the thesis, publicity, data management, and accessibility and sustainable development. You should also familiarise yourself with the entire thesiscontinue reading


Kuuntele Curricula 27.02.2023 11:26 The curriculum depicts the learning outcomes and the contents of the degree. You may find the curriculums in the Study guide. Module maps of the degree programs can be found on the module maps webpage. Ifcontinue reading


Kuuntele Exams 08.03.2023 15:37 EXAM service to offer flexibility for taking exams EXAM service and electronic exam concept provide a flexible way of taking monitored exams and maturity exams in four HAMK campuses. EXAM instructions of HAMK: EXAM for electroniccontinue reading

Final Thesis

Kuuntele Final Thesis 30.11.2023 09:01 The aim of a thesis is to build up both the student’s general workplace skills and their sector-specific professional competence. The theses are targeted at the needs of the workplace and implemented as development projectscontinue reading