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Academic Calendar and Enrolment

Academic Calendar and Enrolment

17.12.2021 17:27

Students must enrol annually for the academic year and to studies on HAMK’s schedules.

Current students’ enrolment for the academic year

All students are required to enrol as present or absent for every academic year (period 1.8.-31.7.).
(Information on enrolment of a new student can be found at page Welcome to HAMK.)

  • You need to enrol between 1.5.-31.8. in Pakki student desktop
  • You can change the enrolment for spring semester by 10 January 

If you wish to enrol as absent during your studies, please take into consideration the possible changes in the course selection and their effect on the personal study plan. The curricula are planned on a yearly basis, and same courses might be offered again years later. 

Right to enrol as absent

After the first year of studies students can enrol as absent for a maximum of one academic year. This year doesn’t include in the right to study time. Students may also be absent during their studies on the grounds of attending military, non-military or woman’s voluntary military service or being on maternity, paternity or parental leave without using the right to study time.

  • Deliver a certificate or decision confirming the reason of absence to HAMK before the enrolment closes. Send a certificate with this link
    • For the spring semester no later than 10.1. and autumn semester no later than 31.8.

Amendment to the Polytechnic Act regarding the Covid-19 pandemic

In autumn 2021 a student can also register as absent in the first year if he/she can’t start the studies due to the Covid-19 pandemic rules set by the state authority or other weighty reason related to the pandemic. HAMK offers online studies for new students. Therefore there is no need to register as absent for the first year.

If you enrol as absent you may not

  • attend classes at HAMK
  • complete courses or get marks on the study register
  • graduate
  • receive student financial aid or get discounted student meals
  • get other benefits for students (e.g. student discount on train or bus tickets)

Neglecting enrolment

Students who have not completed their enrolment within the enrolment period must apply for reinstatement of  right to study. The right to study restarts in the beginning of next month. Ask for the application form by sending email to The application processing fee is 50 euros.

How to enrol for the academic year?

Current students enrol via Pakki student desktop:

  • Choose STUDIES on the top menu-> Enrolments (Guide)
  • Enrol as present or absent.   If you enrol as absent, see more information above (right to enrol as absent).

Enrolment for studies

You must enrol separately on each course you wish to complete, e.g. all the courses in the module. The teacher cannot grade your work if you have enrolled and been accepted for the module or the course. Students enrol on all courses via Pakki or Tuudo.