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Access to Campus Buildings

Access to Campus Buildings

09.05.2022 15:55

Access control

HAMK uses the Esmi access control system, which enables students, staff, and stakeholders to enter our buildings when they are locked. Students can obtain a key card, or they can have their HAMKO student membership card activated to function as the key card so that they can enter the buildings. Students cannot have both the key card and the student membership card activated at the same time. You must return the key card when your studies end. A fee of 30 euros will be charged if you lose your card.

In case you need to enter the HAMK buildings or sports facilities before the doors are open or after the doors are closed officially, you may enter with a key card or have your HAMKO student membership card activated as a key card. The card allows you to enter the facilities between 6:00 am and 22:00 pm.


Students may enter all the HAMK buildings and the sports hall at the Hämeenlinna University Center from 6.00 to 22.00, during which time the key cards are activated. You are not allowed to be in any of HAMK’s buildings or sports hall after 22.00 as it will alert the security company. The person causing an unwanted alarm will be charged the total costs incurred.

When the alarm is set off and the security guard arrives, the students in the building must show their official identification and their names will be written down. You can use your picture student card to identify yourself.

If you have any questions related to the key card or access to the HAMK buildings, please contact Facilities Management and Services.

Jari Marsela – Real estate engineer

Tel. 040 540 2670; email:

Ritva Rekola-Flinck – Real estate coordinator

Tel. 050 371 4584; email: