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Accessibility and Special Arrangements

Accessibility and Special Arrangements

28.09.2021 13:48

The special needs teacher works as a contact person for equality in studies.

He is responsible for organizing special arrangements for students who need support in studying. The link to the form for applying to special arrangements can be found at the right hand of this page.   

A student has an opportunity to apply for special arrangements related to studies. An application should be made when it’s important that personal health problems or learning difficulties should be taken into consideration in the teaching arrangements. Special arrangements may be, for example, additional time in exams / assignments, a separate exam room or Flexible approach to performance situation. Applications are processed in the Student Wellbeing Services.

Special arrangement practices from 1 September 2021

A new electronic special arrangements application form was introduced in September 2021. Before completing the application, the student makes an appointment with the special needs teacher (contact information at the bottom of the page) and presents certificates related to his special request.

Applying for special arrangements and sharing the decision to teachers

  1. Have a discussion with the special needs teacher and present the relevant certificates
  2. Fill in the special arrangement application
  3. After completing the application, you will receive an automatic email confirmation that the application has been submitted
  4. The special needs teacher or study psychologist will make a decision on the application within about two weeks of submitting the application
  5. You will receive the decision information by e-mail to the address you have provided in the application form. Please use HAMK’s e-mail address on the form.
  6. The details of the decision are registered in the Pakki as a contract and as a student you are responsible for informing your teachers of the special arrangements granted to you.
  7. You can share the agreement written in the Pakki to your teachers so that they can consider the arrangements in their teaching (Students Guide)
    • If the special arrangement decision has not yet been registered in the Pakki, but you have, for example, an exam coming, you can send an e-mail to the teacher about the special arrangements granted. However, be sure to share the decision with the teachers as soon as it appears in the Pakki.

Special arrangement practices until 31 August 2021

At HAMK, the decision of special arrangements can be proved with the special arrangement passport. Special arrangement passports have been issued until August 2021. Passports issued are still valid and there is no need to re-apply the arrangements via new electronic application form.

A special arrangement passport is a “passport” delivered to a student in person, describing the special arrangements granted. After granting special arrangements, the student must always show the special arrangement passport to the teachers in advance of the start of each module so that the necessary arrangements can be planned. Also, for example, exams, writing a maturity test and the thesis process are teaching situations where special arrangements require planning, and therefore the student should discuss the arrangements with the teacher in good time.

Contact information for the special needs teacher

Häme University of Applied Science
Special needs teacher
Samu Toivonen
PL 230
13101 Hämeenlinna

email: or tel. +358 50 577 6312