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After Graduation

After Graduation

29.01.2021 13:35

HAMK Alumni

It is important for us to keep in contact with our graduated students. We want to offer our alumni useful information about current HAMK issues and education.

By registrating to our Alumni network you will regularly receive current information about HAMK. We keep in contact with newsletters which you will receive 2-5 times a year.

Career path and continuing education

HAMK Talents 

HAMK Talents is your link between your work and HAMKin also after graduation. By signing up you can reach the employer and showcase your skills and talent, and with company profikle you can offer projects, trainee positions and jobs to our students. Check out and sign uop to the HAMK Talents here

Master’s degree

The second-cycle / Master’s degree programmes offered at the universities of applied sciences aim at deepening the professional competence and expertise you will need in a job. The degrees can be completed while working and they are equal to other Finnish Master’s degrees, and give the same qualifications as them.

You can apply for a Master’s degree programme if you have a relevant higher education degree and at least three years of work experience in the field, obtained after completing the degree. You can apply through the joint application system and the extent of studies varies between 60 and 90 credits, depending on the extent of the Bachelor’s degree.

Each Master’s degree programme is field-specific, e.g. BBA’s do their Master’s studies in the field of Social Sciences, Business and Administration. The studies consist of advance studies, optional studies and a thesis. The thesis (30 cr) is a usually a development or research project for students own organisation and/or personal professional interest.

Continuing education

Master’s degree is the main postgraduate education after Bachelor’s degree but you can build up your competence also with some other continuing education.

Continuing education offers opportunities to deepen and update your knowledge. All our education and training are based on topical professional themes. You can enrol on our courses without any basic training. We can also create continuing education courses for defined target groups based on the client’s requirements.


Follow us

We communicate actively through a number of online services. In order to keep updated on what is happening at your university, follow us on these channels:

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  • HAMK’s channel: @hamk_uas

HAMK’s new blog portal  is now in active use and there are dozens of interesting posts about our RDI activities, education, services etc. You can log on to blogs at

HAMK Unlimited is a publishing platform, which gathers four HAMK-based publications on one website. The publications may include texts, pictures, audios, and videos. All HAMK Unlimited publications are open access. They go through a preliminary review coordinated by the HAMK publishing board.

There are three individual publications: Professional, Journal and Scientific.

  • PROFESSIONAL publishes experts’ viewpoints to current phenomena.
  • JOURNAL is an arena for results from R&D activities.
  • SCIENTIFIC publishes peer-reviewed, academic articles.

Most of the articles are in Finnish, but there are some also in English. You can log on to HAMK Unlimited at

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