Guidance of Studies

Guidance of Studies

27.08.2018 14:59

In Häme UAS guidance of studies is seen as bigger entity, which is supporting and developing student’s individual needs. Guidance is created by the whole learning community. You will get proactive guidance according your personal needs and your own activity in the process is essential.

You should make the most of guidance and couselling especially when:

  • you have just started your orientation to studies, study group and location;
  • you have prior learning which would be applicable to your degree;
  • you need support to cope with special needs or you need to develop your study skills;
  • you need to make some kind of a choice in your studies i.e. what to study, how and when or you continue studying after a period of absence;
  • you need to define your goals or update your personal study plan (PSP);
  • it’s time to get prepared for the guidance discussions (student’s development discussions);
  • it’s time to go for a work placement;
  • you would like to do studies or work placement abroad;
  • it’s time to make the final thesis or
  • you are about to graduate or apply for a job.

Guidance model

The guidance model of Häme UAS consist of the guidance of professional growth, studies, welfare and various consultation and support services. In the picture you can see the model.

guidance model