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Guidance of Studies

Guidance of Studies

02.09.2020 17:05

At HAMK, guidance of studies is a big entity that aims at individual support and development.  The whole learning community is here to support your learning. We will guide you proactively throughout your studies based on your personal needs and own activity.

You should seek guidance and counselling especially when:

  • you have just started your studies and you are getting to know your curriculum, study group and campus;
  • you have prior learning, which could be applicable to your degree;
  • you need support to cope with special needs or you need to develop your studying skills;
  • you need to make some kind of a choice in your studies i.e. what to study (how and when) or you continue studying after a period of absence;
  • you need to define your goals or update your personal study plan (PSP);
  • you need to prepare for the guidance discussions (student’s development discussions);
  • it’s time for work placement;
  • you want to go abroad to study or work (please contact HAMK International);
  • it’s time to start the final thesis or
  • you are about to graduate or apply for a job.

Guidance Model

The HAMK guidance model consists of a combination of professional growth, studies, wellbeing and various consultation and support services. You can see the entire guidance model in this picture:

guidance model

Guidance Counsellors

Degree ProgrammeGuidance Counsellor
Information and Communication Technology, BioeconomySatu Alatalo tel. 050 4720 392
Electrical and automation engineeringLeena Koivisto tel. 03 646 2270
Computer applicationsAnu Vaaraniemi tel. 050 466 7762
Construction engineeringMarianne Autero puh. 050 592 0793
International businessJohanna Heinola-Lepistö tel. 050 516 2841
Mechanical engineering and production technologyMarianne Autero puh. 050 592 0793
Smart and sustainable designAija Lundahl tel. 050 5745 292
Business management and entrepreneurship, Master’s Degree​Kirsi Napola tel. 03 646 2752