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08.09.2020 14:06

Welcome to Hamk Moves! All the information related to sports activities on HAMK campuses can be found from these pages. Sports schedules, sports courses and prices. To stay up-dated about all that is going on with Hamk Moves, follow us in Yammer, Facebook and Instagram.

Häme University of Applied Sciences offers a broad selection of sport activities on all campuses to its students.

Sports pass for the Sports Arena of Hämeenlinna’s University Centre

When using the Sports services in Hämeenlinna University Centre’s Sports Arena, students need a Sports pass. After buying the sports pass, students have the right to use the Sports Arena. There’s a good quality gym, which is open with the Sports pass every day at 6.00 – 22.00. Sports pass also entitles students to join all the fitness classes and ball sports in Arena.

Hamk Moves offers also big variety of Sports courses. These courses are priced in different categories. The cheapest option is always with a Sports pass. Variety of Sports courses can be found from this page.

In other Hamk locations students are free to use all the sports services provided by HAMK without any costs (excluding swimming halls).

The sports pass can be added to your student union card or some other ID. When you buy the sports pass, the broad access rights will be activated for you. You can buy the Sports pass for one semester or for the whole academic year.

Prices for Sports pass:

  • HAMKO’s members: 45 euros / semester, 80 euros / academic year
  • Other Hamk’s students: 55 euros / semester, 100 euros / academic year
  • Other students: 65 euros / semester, 120 euros / academic year

Autumn semester begins on 1st September 2020 and ends on 31st January 2021. Fitness classes end 21st December 2020.

Spring semester begins on 11th January and ends 31st August 2021. Fitness classes end on 30th April 2021.

You can buy the sport pass from HAMKO’s office in Visamäki or from HAMKO On The Road -tour.


HAMK Moves Challenge -tournaments

HAMK Moves Challenge is a a sports series which include many different sports tournaments during academic year. Every tournaments winner team is rewarded, as well as the winner of the whole Hamk Moves Challenge.

Tournaments will be held in different towns and cities, where HAMK has campuses. Campuses may register their wishes to organize a tournament in jari.virtanen@hamk.fi.

Tournament points will be given as follow: Participation 1 point. Winner team 3pts, 2nd team 2pts and 3rd team 1 point.

Registrations for Hamk Moves Challenge 2019 – 2020 on facebook.com/hamkmoves –events page. Teams should use the same name in each tournament so counting points together is easier.


  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Floorball, 11.2.2020. Elenia Areena, Hämeenlinna
  • Indoor football, 23.4.2020. Valkeakoski Sports Arena

Sports Courses

HamkMoves has a good variety of different Sports courses. All the ideas and suggestions for the courses can be sent to: jari.virtanen@hamk.fi

Prices for Sports courses:

Prices are based on four different groups:

  1. Hamk students with a Hamk Moves -membership.
  2. Hamk students without a Hamk Moves -membership.
  3. Hamk staff. Employees, retired employees and persons in non-military service or work placements at Hamk
  4. Other Finnish and foreign full-time students and the alumns of Hamk.


Taekwondo and Fitness Taekwondo by Hämeenlinna Taekwondo Club

More information:




Tuesdays, 17.30 – 18.30

Wednesdays, 17.30 – 18.30 Fitness Taekwondo

Thursdays, 18.30 – 19.30

Prices for the course:

Fitness Taekwondo for Hamk Moves members is 30€/autumn-season and 30€/spring-season. Normal price is 40€.


Linnankatu 12-14, Hämeenlinna




Want to find a new hobby, meet nice people, get new friends?!

Come and try Rugby!!

Rugby is for women and men. You only need suitable clothes and shoes for outdoor sports and a bottle of water.

Schedule and location:

Mondays, 18.30. Mattila field, Kankaantaustantie 30, Hämeenlinna

Thursdays, 18.30. Pulleri field, Parolantie 56, Hämeenlinna

More info: