Module Selection

Module Selection

06.09.2018 13:19

In module selection page you will see the future module selection of HAMK. You can change the language from the flag in the upper right corner. 

You may browse it and narrow it down with search terms. For example, you may search with a suitable tag and ‘language of tuition’ or the degree programme. To deselect a search term tap it again or select ‘remove filters’ to reset the filters. Tap a module in the search results to see a more detailed module description. 

Working life projects

Projects based on working life are study modules based on the real needs of organizations. Working life projects can be built into their own modules or included into different study modules. The projects include theory and the project. You can do projects at Startup business school –studies, FUAS Innovation school –studies or at various project studies in your degree programme.

At the projects students get to improve their working life skills and into doing challenging work with future employers. Each project has it’s own project plan which operates as the basis of the project work. Teachers and staff of HAMK in addition to representatives of the project companies are mentors during the projects but the responsibility of managing the project is with the student/ student group.

Startup Business School is a platform in which the students have possibility to participate in multidisciplinary projects. The module is open continuously so you do projects during summer or school periods. Startup Business school projects are from 3 to 15 study credits

FUAS Innovation school’s summer projects form a study module of  15 study credits, including projects and theory. FUAS innovation school has different themes and different working life based projects. Themes are organized in English and the projects can also be operated with English. As a FUAS-student you can choose the whole FUAS innovation school theme or a single theme without a project.

What to gain through the projects? You can speed your own curriculum, speed up your studies and most importantly gain new contacts. Through projects you also gain a possibility to fing your own thesis subject.