Pakki Instructions

Pakki Instructions

16.10.2018 15:43

Log into Pakki and start planning your studies!

Pakki – Student desktop

Learn to use Pakki student desktop right from the start and plan your study path, all the way from day one until the day you graduate. Pakki includes versatile tools that help you plan your schedule, follow your progress and update your personal information. In Pakki you may:

  • see the timetables;
  • browse and edit your personal study plan, which is based on the curriculum of your entrance group;
  • add comments to your PSP and communicate PSP-related issues with the guidance counsellor and the teachers;
  • add optional studies to your PSP from the entire study selection of HAMK;
  • register for modules;
  • browse your grades;
  • book an appointment with your guidance counsellor and
  • plan the pace and the resultant load of your studies.

In Pakki, you may also compare the module learning outcomes with the skills and knowledge you already have. If you notice similarities, learn more about the RPL process that relates to the accreditation of prior learning and skills demonstrations.

pakki desktop default view

Log into Pakki:

  1. Open a browser and write We recommend that you use the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Log into Pakki with your student id and password (HAMK id and password).
  3. Change the language to English from the upper right corner.

You may access Pakki via your computer or mobile device. In addition, you should download HAMK App from the App Store. It allows you to access information that supports your studies, such as:

  • timetables;
  • academic calendar;
  • campus maps;
  • Eduroam WiFi information;
  • cafeteria menu on your campus;
  • HAMK bulletins;
  • information about HAMK Moves;
  • ServiceDesk tickets;
  • staff search and
  • search for vacant rooms.

VIDEO: What is Pakki?


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