Recognition of prior studies (RPL)

Recognition of prior studies (RPL)

18.02.2019 15:19

Prior to starting your studies, have you acquired competencies that correspond to the learning outcomes and level of the degree you are studying? Or do you have hobbies, work or other studies that increase this kind of competence during your studies?

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) means recognising and accrediting the competences acquired elsewhere and prior to your studies. The idea is that you do not have to study something that you already know, and your competency will be accredited as part of your degree.

RPL may cover whole modules or some parts of the modules. Competencies may have been acquired in other universities, at work, or in hobbies. It does not matter where the skills have been learned as long as they can be recognised and accredited as part of your degree. If you wish to have your prior learning recognised, you can start the RPL process (see the picture below). Bring it into discussion when you familiarise yourself with the learning outcomes of your degree and plan your personal study plan.

RPL process

Recognition and accreditation of learning

What is recognition of prior learning?

In RPL process, you play an active part as a student. You recognise your own competences, describe them tangibly and compare them to the learning outcomes of your degree. You should demonstrate your competency with documentation or by skills demonstrations.

What does accreditation mean?

Accreditation means that you will gain credits by documenting your competency and doing skills demonstrations that will be assessed.
You can start the RPL process whenever during your studies. Remember to bring it up when you recognise new competence acquired from e.g. work experience during your study time.

RPL and Pakki – student desktop

HAMK students use Pakki for the RPL process. You may start the RPL process by sending a module-related comment to your tutor teacher or student advisor via your PSP. 

If the discussion leads to an agreement, the student advisor may add an agreement about the accreditation of some module, module part or skills demonstration to your PSP. However, you still need to fill in the formal RPL credit transfer or skills demonstration form for the actual RPL application. 

Remember to add the required attachments to the application. Puro-service can be used only for transferring grades from another UAS during your studies in HAMK. Use credit transfer application form and official transcript of records for other study grades. We will apply paper forms until we get a new, online RPL tool.