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Student Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid

31.01.2023 13:41

Finnish students are entitled for student financial aid. Non-Finnish citizens are qualified for student financial aid only if they live in Finland permanently and have been granted a residence permit for some other reason than for studying.

Students who live in Finland temporarily for a purpose of studying, find instructions from Kela’s web page: Quick guide when you move to Finland as a student or as an family member.

Students who live permanently in Finland, find instructions from Kela’s web page: Financial aid for foreign students.

Financing your studies

Please contact Kela in all matters related to student financial aid. You can find useful information about student financial aid at Kela’s website.

Kela’s contact information

  • The customer service number for students: 020 692 209
  • (only in Finnish)

HAMK notifies students about up-to-date issues related to student financial aid in Yammer and in Tuudo.

How to apply?

Kela can grant financial aid to students of higher educational institution for full-time studies.

Student financial aid includes:

  • study grants
  • state guarantee for a student loan
  • housing allowance for students (available only to those who are studying abroad) Students renting an apartment in Finland can claim general housing allowance.

Apply student financial aid when You have confirmed your study place.

You can apply for student financial aid online (in Finnish) at

Sufficient progress of studies

Students in higher education who receive financial aid are required to complete at least 5 credits for each month of aid. You must also complete at least 20 credits during an academic year.

Credits obtained from studies completed before the start of your studies do not accumulate study credits entitling to study support.

Kela will monitor the progress of studies annually in autumn. If you have not progressed sufficiently with your studies and have not acceptable reasons for that, Kela can cancel or claim back your student financial aid.

Student financial aid and other income

Your income affects the number of months per year for which you can get financial aid. You must make sure that you do not exceed a set limit for annual income.

Employment fund

The Education fund grants adult education allowance to  voluntary vocational studies. Please read further information at – English

Independent study supported by unemployment benefit

You may receive unemployment benefit during your studies. Further information