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Student Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid

07.09.2022 13:00

Financing your studies

Please contact Kela in all matters related to student financial aid. You can find useful information about student financial aid at Kela’s website.

Kela’s contact information

  • The customer service number for students at 020 634 2550 is open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00
  • (only in Finnish)

Student financial aid services in HAMK

HAMK notifies students about up-to-date issues related to student financial aid in Yammer and in Tuudo.


Meal subsidy

You are entitled to meal subsidy in student restaurants if you are a university degree student. You will get a student discount by presenting a valid student card (see: Student id cards entitling the bearer to a meal subsidy 2022-2023)

  • student card issued by SAMOK or SYL 
  • UAS student card 
  • student card or ISIC student card of a Finnish UAS or university
  • digital Frank,, Pivo. Slice or Tuudo student card
  • Kela’s  meal subsidy card that you get from the Student services if you don’t have a student card

If you do not have a student ID card but are completing studies that qualify you for the meal subsidy, you can get a meal subsidy card from your school. The meal subsidy is not available with a post-graduate student ID card or a VR/Matkahuolto student card.

How to apply?

You can get financial aid for studies in Finland if you live in Finland on a permanent basis for a purpose other than studying. This requires that you are registered as a permanent resident in the Finnish population register system.  More information at Kela’s website.

Kela can grant financial aid to students of higher educational institution for full-time studies.

Student financial aid includes:

  • study grants
  • state guarantee for a student loan
  • housing allowance for students (starting 1 August 2017, available only to those who are studying abroad)Students renting an apartment in Finland can claim general housing allowance starting 1 August 2017.

You can apply for student financial aid online (in Finnish) at or with paper form (OT2e) from Kela.

Study grant can be granted from the beginning of the month in which you have applied for it. You will get the decision from Kela.

Student financial aid for summer

Student financial aid may also be granted for the summer months (June, July and August).

Please, apply for student financial aid for summer at Kela’s website with the online application or the application form (Notification of student’s change of circumstances – Otm).

Studies abroad

You can also get financial help with studies abroad as an exchange student or double degree student. Please notify Kela about your studies abroad by filling in Notification of student’s change of circumstances.

Please

Sufficient progress of studies

Students in higher education who receive financial aid are required to complete at least 5 credits for each month of aid. You must also complete at least 20 credits during an academic year.

Further information

Monitoring the progress of studies

Kela will monitor the progress of studies annually (September-October). If you have not progressed sufficiently with your studies and have not acceptable reasons for that, Kela can cancel or claim back your student financial aid.

Student financial aid and other income

Your income affects the number of months per year for which you can get financial aid. You must make sure that you do not exceed a set limit for annual income.

If you notice that you exceed the income limit you can cancel your student financial aid or return some of the money to Kela by the end of May the next year. Please read further information on Kela’s website.

If you get ill during your studies

If you get ill during your studies, you can go on sick leave.  If your illness lasts over 2 months it is not reasonable to use your student aid months. It is recommendable to change your study grant to sickness allowance. The requirement for receiving a sickness allowance is that you belong to Finland’s social security system. Please contact Kela in order to apply for sickness allowance.

You can study during the sickness allowance period. You can complete the maximum of 40 % of the academic year’s or semester’s studies.

If you are planning to study during your sickness allowance period please contact your student counsellor to change your personal study plan.

Please read further information on Kela’s website.

Employment fund

The Education fund grants adult education allowance to employees’ an self-employed persons’ voluntary vocational studies. It is also possible to get Kela’s state guarantee for a student loan. Please read further information at – English

Independent study supported by unemployment benefit

You may receive unemployment benefit during your studies if

  • you have registered with the TE Office as a jobseeker and your job search is valid
  • you are aged 25 or over
  • the TE Office’s assessment indicates that you need education or training, and the studies will improve your vocational skills and your chances in the job market
  • before you started the studies, you have made an agreement with the TE-office in your employment plan that your studies will be supported by unemployment benefit.

Further information