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Study guide

Study guide

02.11.2021 09:50

You can browse the study guide for

  • curricula of degree programs and education, which describe the objectives and content
  • HAMK’s course provision

Curriculum search instructions:

Curricula are grouped according to the year of commencement of studies. The groups starting in January are in the curricula of the academic year that started previous autumn. You will find a more detailed description of the program behind the letter i. The structure of the curriculum shows the timing of studies for different academic years. By clicking on the name line of the course, you will also see the published implementation plan.

If you need a printout of the curriculum or you can’t find the curriculum you are looking for, contact and tell us which curriculum and starting group the curriculum is about. You can also see HAMK’s modules that are available each academic year in the module maps.

Course/module search instructions:

You can get acquainted with the course provision by limiting the search with the desired search criteria. You can narrow your search by language of instruction, field of study, education, group, or classification, for example. To delete the search criteria you selected, select the empty option at the top of the column. To deselect and completely re-narrow your search, return to the previous site and return to the search view.

On the front page of the study guide you can find quick searches:

  • open university, common courses and online courses
  • courses taught in English
  • courses suitable for exchange students
  • learning materials used with implementations

All search results can be organized in the title bar. 

By selecting the desired course from the search results, you can get to know the implementation information in more detail. The enrolment period stated in the implementation plan applies to the enrolment of a HAMK degree student in Pakki:

Free word search:

Search is a string search. For example, if you search for “forest”, the search will return all results that contain your search word, i.e. “forestry”. You cannot use special characters or wildcards, I.e. % or *, in free word search.

HAMK’s study guide can be found at Change the language with the button at the top right of the page.