Summer Studies

Summer Studies

14.11.2018 12:48

HAMK offers a wide selection of summer studies in Finnish and in English for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students. Summer studies take place from mid-May to the end of August. Check out the course provision and register in Pakki. With summer courses you may speed up your studies and graduation.


HAMK students may take courses from other universities of applied sciences that belong to CampusOnline. These courses are free of charge and available year-round, even in the summertime. 

To see the upcoming courses, visit Please look up the enrolment times and practices of each UAS from the course information before enrolment. Most universities of applied sciences handle CampusOnline students as open UAS students, but without course fees. Contact your student advisor or teacher tutor to make sure that the course can be approved to your PSP.

After the summer course has been assessed, you can log into the Puro-service, view your grades and request the courses you have completed in another university to be recorded in the study register of HAMK.

Summer Universities

You are entitled to a refund of Open UAS or Summer University payments if you have agreed in advance with your degree programme about taking the course. Pay for the fee of Summer University, Open University (summer courses) or Open University of Applied Sciences and deliver a receipt of the payment with the record of credits to your own degree programme. This applies only to courses which are implemented between May 15 and August 31.