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Bioeconomy Experts
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Bioeconomy Experts

The expertise within the HAMK Bio research unit covers the diverse fields of bioeconomy comprehensively. You can access the experts’ contact information by clicking on their photo or searching by name here.

Principal Research Scientists

Jari Hyväluoma
Jari Hyväluoma
Modelling and imaging
Helena Kautola
Helena Kautola
Bioindustrial plant design
Fermentation technology
Food engineering
Applied industrial microbiology
Maritta Kymäläinen
Maritta Kymäläinen
Biorefinery processes
Biogas technology
Nutrient circulation, biochar
Utilisation of biowaste and side streams
Eija Laitinen
Eija Laitinen
Development cooperation, Africa
Harri Mattila
Harri Mattila
Water management
Water services
Watercourse restoration
Environmental technology
Circular economy
Development cooperation
Ulla Moilanen
Ulla Moilanen
Fungi, algae and insects
Ilpo Pölönen
Ilpo Pölönen
Animal nutrition
Agricultural technology
Digital solutions
Outi Tahvonen
Outi Tahvonen
Landscaping practices
Vegetative environments
Eco-social sustainability in man-made environments
Storm water management
Marika Tossavainen
Marika Tossavainen
Metabolism products
Vertical farming

RD&I experts

Milla Anttila
Milla Anttila Development Manager
Regional development
Noora Arola
Noora Arola Project Manager
Iida Holck
Iida Holck Project specialist
Circular economy
Industrial symbiosis
Sustainable development
Regional development
Mika Järvinen
Mika Järvinen Research Services Manager
Greenhouse cultivation
Vertical farming
Iida Kalmanlehto
Iida-Maija Kalmanlehto Project specialist
Africa cooperation
Development projects
Project administration (esp. financial)
Project communications
Laura Kannisto
Laura Kannisto Technical specialist
Satu Kivimäki
Satu Kivimäki Researcher
Anu Koponen
Anu Koponen Research assistant
Tanja Kukkola
Tanja Kukkola Project Worker
Teija Lehtonen
Teija Lehtonen Senior Advisor
Sanna Lento
Sanna Lento RD&I expert
Food industry
Local food
Rural development
Project administration
Salla Leppäkoski
Salla Leppäkoski Research Assistant
Food plant production
Paula-Kaisa Leppänen
Paula-Kaisa Leppänen Research Assistant
Ammi Malkamäki
Ammi Malkamäki Project Manager
Satu Määttänen
Satu Määttänen Research Assistant
Forest ecology
Tropical drylands
Quantitative research methods
Jennifer Ohemeng
Jennifer Ohemeng Project Assistant
Minna Palos
Minna Palos Project specialist
Forest-based entrepreneurship
Rural networks
Regional development
Menna Rantala
Menna Rantala Project Manager
Equine industry
Anna Ryymin
Anna Ryymin Research Assistant
Frida Salonen
Frida Salonen Project Researcher
Plant physiology
Micropropagation (esp. somaticembryogenesis)
Molecular biology
Mika Soramäki
Mika Soramäki Project Manager
Watercourse restoration
Recreational nature
Environmental education
Satu Tiainen
Satu Tiainen Project Worker

Lecturers in research

Ulla-Maija Knuutti
Ulla-Maija Knuutti Lecturer
Sustainable development
Henrik Lindberg
Henrik Lindberg Lecturer
Annika Michelson
Annika Michelson Lecturer
Rural industry
Eija Raimovaara
Eija Raimovaara Lecturer
Sustainable development
Sari Suomalainen
Sari Suomalainen Lecturer
Built environment
Outi Vahtila
Outi Vahtila Development Manager
School of Bioeconomy
Arto Vuollet
Arto Vuollet Principal Lecturer


Annukka Pakarinen
Annukka Pakarinen Director of Research Unit
Varpu Somersalo
Varpu Somersalo Marketing Coordinator