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Value from biomasses
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Value from biomasses

Smart cultivation, recycling and refining

Utilising biomasses and increasing the sustainability of production is in the core of HAMK Bio.

HAMK Bio has gained comprehensive expertise in primary production as well as sustainable cultivation and refining. We grow biomasses in forests, fields, gardens, greenhouses and bioreactors. We are especially interested in increasing the economical and environmental value of the production chains through refining biomasses, utilising side streams, and recycling nutrients.

Some of our key competencies are in biogas production, microalgae production, growing insects, biochar production, vertical farming, extraction of value-added compounds and finally, refining the outputs for different applications. We are involved in the creation of Bioeconomy 4.0. We collect, analyse and utilise data in all phases of the production chains.

smart growth, recycle and refine of biomass