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Competence management
People standing on stairs
People standing on stairs.

Competence management

Continuous learning and competence management

Management plays a significant role in the development of professional competence. In a constantly changing operating environment, the goal-oriented development of learning communities and competence is based on the organisation’s ability to implement strategies and to maintain, utilise and develop competence potential. One example of this is strategy-based competence management, which has been implemented at Häme University of Applied Sciences for several years already. The objective of the Continuous learning and management of competence research area is to carry out research-based projects, reports and consultation on the theme of professional competence development.

Key themes of research and development include:

  • Management of competence
  • Management of change
  • Management of an expert organisation
  • Teacher’s competence and career
  • Well-being at work
  • Changes in the world of work and future competence