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People on a meeting
People on a meeting.


Digitalisation in Competence Development

Digital environments are a natural part of modern life at workplaces, in studies and at home. Following the rapid development of digital tools as they affect one’s own life and career is one of the challenges of modern life. A professional/vocational teacher needs to keep up to date with digital skills and knowledge both in the field that they teach as well as in their pedagogy in teaching and guidance. Students carry out their studies more and more outside of traditional school environments and teachers may rarely see all their students at one time in one specific place. Studying is independent of time and place and learning takes place in every area of life. Teacher’s core work – student guidance and support of learning – is increasingly carried out via various digital communication tools and applications. Teachers must be able to support the development of their students’ vocational identity, skills and knowledge and lifelong learning skills in environments that pose challenges to traditional aspects of dialogical and personal communication.

The Digitalisation in Competence Development research area at HAMK Edu is focussed on developing and teaching digipedagogy in national and international research and development projects.

The central themes of research and development work are:

  • Digipedagogy
  • Digital career guidance
  • Learning analytics
  • Digital open badges
  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
  • Development of digital competence in cooperation with work places
  • Digital guidance