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3D technologies
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3D scanning

3D technologies

3D technologies

Who are we

We master the entire process related to reverse engineering in machine design; the 3D measurement of concrete parts, their conversion to digital form and the transformation of the resulting model into a digital twin in a CAD environment. This digital twin can then be utilized by the research group in simulations, 3D printing and various virtual environments. We support the digitalisation and development of the manufacturing industry, especially in the field of mechanical engineering industry, by providing new know-how and utilizing and bringing new digital 3D technology operating models and tools to manufacturing and product development. This strengthens the cost-effectiveness, timeliness and quality of companies’ operations and products.

The 3D Technologies research group consists of individuals who conduct diverse types of applied research in reverse engineering. The group is led by Timo Kärppä, M.Sc.

What do we do

Our most essential research expertise is the utilization of reverse engineering in machine design. We study and develop the most optimal ways and means, how to develop the manufacturing processes and methods in manufacturing industry. Our research subjects are new digital 3D methods that improve efficiency. For example, how to utilize additive reality (AR) applications in work instructions of different production stages. We conduct to companies different types of machine parts development assignments, where 3D instruments are used to redesign machine parts. We master dimensionally accurate 3D scanning which enables the development of lifelike digital twins.

We operate effectively in a digital design environment that utilizes the latest digital methods and equipment. Our goal is to work with a larger research and business network as one of the development partners. We participate in research to find new types of applied solutions for more efficient digitalization of industry and integration of industry 4.0. In this way, we want to be involved in increasing the competitiveness and expertise of the industry in the future as well.

The results of our work are reflected in industry, for example, in the better utilization of 3D technologies by engineering companies, and through this the customer service, quality and cost efficiency of industrial companies improve.

Who do we work with

We collaborate with both national and international actors. Our main partners are Finnish SME engineering companies, but we also cooperate with large companies. In addition, we collaborate on applied research with various expert networks, such as universities and research institutes.

Our infrastructure

The 3D technologies research laboratory is located in the Riihimäki unit of Häme University of Applied Sciences. The 3D scanning equipment can also be easily transferred to companies’ own premises.

In our work we use modern 3D scanning equipment, CAD software and AR and VR equipment.

With the help of calibrated 3D scanning equipment, we produce accurate and reliable geometry of the objects to be examined. We have the expertise to convert this 3D scanned model to a CAD editable format. In addition, we have the capability to analyse the model with strength simulation software. The 3D model can also be utilized in several types of AR and VR environments.

A video on 3D scanning

List of equipment

3D scanner ATOS 5 Compact scan 

  • 3 sets of optics that allow for a wider range of scan component sizes 
  • mostly geometry independent 
  • measurement accuracy approx. 0.015-0.04 mm (depending on conditions) 
  • GOM inspect analysis software (e.g. measurement) 
  • Studio foot mount 

3D handheld scanner SCANTECH AXE B11 

  • Manual 
  • Volumetric accuracy 0.02mm + 0.035mm 
  • Scan screen volume 550 x 600 mm 
  • Operating temperature -10 .. + 40 celsius degrees 
  • Compatibility with GOM inspect analysis software (e.g. measurement) 
  • Silver reference kit for easy scanning