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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Who are we

We have diverse expertise in the engineering fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, need based building automation and control technology, building physics, metrological solutions and optimization. Our research applications include small-scale hybrid production and storage, energy efficiency optimization and energy management. Both solar and bioenergy solutions are emphasized. In addition, the research in all these areas includes computational modeling, advanced measurement techniques and on-line monitoring. We produce research results at various levels regionally and nationally with industrial and municipality sector, as well as with authorities and organizations, and internationally with our university partners.

Energy Efficiency research group consists currently of PhD level trendsetters, Master level researchers and Master candidates. The group is led by Principal Research Scientists Dr.Tech. Katariina Penttilä who has competence in electrical engineering, metrological and energy solutions, radio science and electro physics.

What do we do

Our main research competence is applied research on energy efficiency and hybrid energy solutions. We have the expertise and infrastructure for research carried out both theoretical and practical level. In the middle of energy transition environment, new areas are being developed among the traditional research topics, for example hybrid systems and storage technologies, and various factors affecting energy efficiency or the energy economy.

We apply our flexible infrastructure in both our practical and theoretical research on a phenomenon-based manner. As a service activity, we execute research and development assignments for our business partners in a customized manner.

The research vision of Energy Efficiency research group is to enhance climate change mitigation and sustainability of energy economy of buildings. We participate in research and development of advanced and self-sufficient energy solutions across different societal sectors, further influencing resource wise and green lifestyle and industrial activities.

Who do we work with

We actively collaborate with relevant industry representatives and clusters, including energy industry, municipality partners and academic institutions.

Our operations are diversified into different sectors: electricity and heat supply and storage, construction and real estate operations, and intelligent measurement, automation and control.

Our infrastructure

We have multitude capacity to examine and test various energy related systems in tailored manner. Our team has capability to approach research and development challenges in different manner, with indirect and direct measurement and analysis solutions including accelerated weather resistance testing cube and hybrid energy production and storage module.

List of equipment

nZEB industrial hall 

  • Building envelope solutions and daylight utilization 
  • Combined geothermal/solar energy and storage solutions 

15 m3 weather cube 

  • Accelerated weather resistance testing 

Renewable systems  

  • Microscale PV plant 
  • Microscale collector system 

Hybrid energy production module 

  • Combustion process, solar and storage  
  • Emission measurements  
  • Full capability for system optimization  

Measurement capability 

  • Electrical & thermal energy 
  • EMF & spectrum, optical 
  • IAQ capacity, flow  

Automation capability 

  • PLC & uprocessors
  • Drone  
  • Mobile measurement platform 

Software tools 

  • IDA ICE, Matlab 
  • Grafana, Twincat 
  • Application specifics 

Experimental building, upcoming 2021. 

  • Multivariable HVAC systems 
  • Integrated measurements 
  • Full capability for system optimization  

Seasonal thermal energy storage, upcoming 2022/2023 

  • Lab level storage for material optimization 
  • Full sized storage /field lab