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Energy efficiency
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Energy efficiency

We conduct high-quality research and development in the field of decentralised energy production and storage, and energy efficiency actions in buildings. Our research is driven by the national energy and climate strategy of Finland. Our goal is to develop and innovate methods to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, taking into account the health and comfort of the user, without forgetting cost-effectiveness. By integrating research and education, as well as an open research and publishing culture, we ensure the transfer of latest knowledge into practice and publicly available information.

We participate in the activities of Green Net Finland, a Finnish cleantech cluster and a professional development project organisation creating smart and low-carbon urban environment.

Our expertise covers the following entities:

·         Decentralised renewable energy production and storage

·         Metrology, design of experiments, validation and statistical analysis

·         Positioning technologies and 3D laser scanning

·         Control technology, forecasting, and machine-to-machine communication

·         Integration of HVAC systems in buildings

·         Embedded systems

·         Web and IoT solutions for buildings

We offer modern technological solutions and multidisciplinary expertise in our research area for use by different target groups. We conduct applied research in a cross-disciplinary team with a dynamic and creative operating culture. Our expertise is based on understanding of technological challenges and possibilities, strong engineering attitude and goal-oriented approach. Through our network, we complement our expertise beyond technology applications. We are keen to develop low carbon solutions for future buildings where the human is in the centre.