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Steel structures
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Kai Mannila, rasitustestaus

Steel structures

Steel structures

We conduct research and development activities on steel structures, with a focus on the use of high strength steels in various structures, e.g. in  automotive and building industries. By utilising high strength steel, many products can be made lighter. This contributes positively to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, both in the manufacturing of the structures as well as in the moving of the products, e.g. cars. Additionally, the structures beneath the steel parts can be made lighter. Our research aims at more durable and lighter steel structures that are also easier to manufacture.

We also conduct research on the recyclability of steel components. Additionally, our expertise covers structural analysis that can be utilised in e.g. fire safety design or steel structures. Optimal design enables more cost efficient structures.

Test loading frame

Our test loading frame can be utilised to test the behaviour and load-carrying capacity of both full-size structures as well as separate structural members. This equipment is suited for producing static and repeated loadings.

At our loading frame, two systems are available, with hydraulic cylinders of maximum loading capacities for 150 kN and 250 kN. When test loading a separate piece/member, 1-2 cylinders can be used positioned in different ways in respect to the tested piece/member.

The control system of the cylinders allows programming for test-specific timed loadings, for controlling the speed of the loading, and for controlling the loading so that the tested member reaches the desired displacement and displacement rate at a specified point. When two cylinders are used to load the tested piece/member the cylinders may function dependent on each other, thus enabling a simultaneous loading. Test measurement results are saved automatically on to a computer.

Tensile testing machines

Sheet Metal Centre, the test laboratory of HAMK Tech, has two systems for material testing:

  • Wolpert – suitable for tension tests up to 200 kN.
  • Zwick/Roell Z050 – suitable for tension and compression tests up to 5 kN and 50 kN.

These devices can be used for versatile testing purposes: tension and compression resistance of different materials, properties of materials, as well as resistance of various joints (e.g. welded seams and adhesive joints) and standard/ application specific coating adhesion.