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Professional excellence

Professional Excellence

The Professional Excellence Research Unit works on customer-oriented research, development, assessment and forecasting projects. It promotes the development and management of research-based skills at the individual, team and community level. The development objective is that every individual and community have the opportunity to develop to their best potential by exploiting their strengths​.

The main focus areas of the Professional Excellence Research Unit are professional competence for the future, excellence, competence management and leadership as well as new learning solutions and digital competence.

The research unit concentrates on strengthening regional, national and European competitiveness and occupational wellbeing as well as competence management and leadership. Research is carried out as part of a national and international network with other universities, research institutes, vocational training and industry organisations. Export of expertise generated by the unit and international collaboration in research extends globally from Europe to Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Director of Research Unit
Martti Majuri
tel. 03 6463 424​

Research Groups:
Essi Ryymin,
Global Education R&DM

Martti Majuri,
Vocational Educa​tion R&D

Jaakko Helander, Guidance and Counselling R&D

Jaana Kullaslahti, Digipedagogical Competences​

Leena Nikander, Competence Management and Leadership R&D