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Sheet metal centre at HAMK is your development partner

Our research and development projects aim at improving the competitiveness of Finnish sheet metal products and manufacturing. We collaborate with the industry and other research institutes. We focus on research services in forming and joining of sheet metal, development work of materials and coatings, weathering tests, as well as structural analyses and loading tests.

Sheet Metal Centre (SMC) is the oldest research unit of Häme University of Applied Sciences (founded in 1998), with ca. 15 full-time R&D employees and a varying number of trainees. We are equipped with e.g. testing apparatus for corrosion and weathering, a test loading frame for full-scale structures, and strain measuring systems and friction testing equipment.

Research groups

Opportunities for students

Sheet Metal Centre (SMC) is actively involved in the teaching offered by HAMK. Members of our staff are responsible for courses on steel structures in the Degree Programme of Construction Engineering (taught both in English and Finnish). We also participate in the teaching activities of the Degree Programmes in Mechanical Engineering and Design. The staff of SMC teaches courses related to their field of know-how and the equipment of SMC is also utilized for teaching purposes. SMC aims to contribute especially to post-graduate education of HAMK.

Sheet Metal Centre acts as a link between the industry and degree programmes of HAMK, and further between companies and students. Good examples of such co-operation are project assignments commissioned by the companies in the region.

SMC also offers opportunities for students in the form of Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses, as well as trainee positions that are available for students of HAMK. Every year a number of students participate in the activities of Sheet Metal Centre as trainees and thesis writers.​​

If you are interested in a work placement opportunity or would like to write your thesis at Sheet Metal Centre, please contact Jarmo Havula at

Research and development projects

A significant part of the Sheet Metal Centre activities consists of R&D projects. These projects are either public projects together with several companies, or confidential customer-specific research projects. In recent years, SMC has been involved in the following projects:

  • MaPiMu
  • FLD Nordic, Development of an improved method for determination of forming limit diagrams (FLD) for sheet material
  • OMaSi, development of modelling and simulation at SMC and regional companies
  • New generation roof coatings
  • Future steel facades

FLD Nordic

Development of improved method for determination of forming limit curves for sheet material

Together with Ruukki, the Sheet Metal Centre of HAMK University of Applied Sciences is participating in an international research project funded by Nordic Innovation Centre, called “Development of an improved method for determination of forming limit diagrams (FLD) for sheet material”. Other research partners are Korrosions- och Metallforskningsinstitutet AB (KIMAB) and Industriellt Utvecklings Centrum (IUC) from Sweden, and Aalborg University from Denmark. Volvo Car Corporation, Grundfos, Ruukki, SSAB and Outokumpu Stainless are the industry parties in this project.

Started in February 2006, this two-year project aimed to systematize the evaluation of forming limits, and assess the feasibility of the international testing standard currently under development. This standard is designed for evaluating the formability of high-strength cold-formed and hot galvanized sheet steels. High-strength formable sheet steels are the specialty of Nordic steel industry. These steels are used in applications requiring high strength, formability, corrosion resistance and structural lightness, such as supporting structures and safety parts in transportation vehicles.

Formability of sheet steel is illustrated with the so called forming limit diagrams (FLD). FLD is utilized in assessing the manufacturability of sheet metal products and as comparison for numerical calculations. At SMC, the FLD is determined with the Nakazima-method, by using formed cup-like test samples. Based on the displacements on a grid etched on the surface of the test piece, it is possible to calculate strain values of sheet steel  by using ASAME, the strain measurement system based on digital camera (ASAME). This automated system is one of a kind in Finland.


Formability of coil-coated sheet steels and the use of them in forming manufacturing

This project aimed to produce information on the formability of coil-coated sheet steels, and enable new applications for them by taking into account technical and economical viewpoints. Total manufacturing costs of coil-coated sheet steels can be reduced by rationalizing the production chain; instead of using formed and then paint-coated sheet steel, a coil-coated sheet steel can be used for forming. Participating companies were Rautaruukki Oyj, Fläkt Woods Oy and Ensto Oy.

The research work performed at SMC focused on evaluating the formability of coil-coated sheet steels and on studying the effects of forming on corrosion resistance. Research tasks included also weathering testing, as well as development of joining methods for coil-coated sheet steels.

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