Researchers from HAMK’s school of wellbeing in co-operation with the University of South Wales

Researchers from HAMK’s school of wellbeing in co-operation with the University of South Wales

12.06.2018 13:41

Sari Miettinen, Principal Lecturer (Research) and Principal Lecturer Katja Valkama, were given a five-year Visiting Fellowship at the University of South Wales. This will form a significant and long-term co-operation between the universities and enables research in selected areas.

Earlier in the year, The School of Wellbeing at Häme University of Applied Sciences organised an International Week, which established a new pattern for international co-operation. Sari Miettinen, Principal Lecturer (Research) at HAMK’s Research Unit for Smart Services, and Katja Valkama, Principal Lecturer at HYOS, met at the event with Ruth Northway, Professor of Learning Disability Nursing from the University of South Wales, and discussed opportunities for co-operation between the higher education institutions.

Co-operation has since progressed well, and Miettinen and Valkama have received their Visiting Fellow statuses in the USW.  These fellowships enable close and productive co-operation between the universities, where access to learning resources from both sides are available.

In their research, both parties will focus on examining disadvantaged groups’ access to, and usage of services. The aim of the collaborative research is to give a voice to the research target group, and thus to find the best solutions that serve both customers, professionals and service systems.

The researchers’ Visiting Fellowship also strengthens HAMK’s research collaboration around Disaster Healthcare, with which HAMK’s School of Wellbeing has a long history of partnership with USW’s Master’s program. This training is also increasingly turning towards research. During the next academic visits, discussions will take place on Disaster Healthcare training and the related USW-HAMK partnership.

The next visits are scheduled for the autumn, when the new research partners start working on a joint research plan and publications.

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