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HAMK school of wellbeing

School of wellbeing

Study and work in international atmosphere!

School of Wellbeing offers bachelor – and master level education in the fields of nursing, public health nursing and social services.

At the School of Wellbeing all teachers are qualified with at least Master-level degree and strong professional background from teaching positions in academic institutions.

HAMK School of Wellbeing experienced professionals offer their expertise for the use of international partners, students and trainees.

Programmes in Finnish

Studying in international atmosphere!

Bachelor-level Nursing curricula concentrates on clinical nursing, nursing skills, family nursing, health promotion and preventive work.

Bachelor-level Social services curriculum offers following studies in English: Sociocultural work & creative methods and practical studies, Adult social work, Early childhood education.

The objective of Master-level Management programmes is to provide students the competence to work in expert, leadership and management roles in social and health care.

Learning in simulation and different kinds of digital environments has a crucial part of the student´s education. Studies are implemented in collaboration with health– and social care providers, companies, stakeholders and non-governmental social- and healthcare associations. The main goals of education at the School of Wellbeing are to achieve high quality and attain the needs of the working life in the field of development and internationalization.

Degree Programme in  Social Services (Bachelor-level, in finnish)

Location: Hämeenlinna

HAMK Degree Programme in social services offers Bachelor- level studies. Degree Programme is located in Hämeenlinna.  As a student in HAMK Degree programme in social services,  each student will learn working methods based on Sociopedagological orientation.

Degree Programme in Nursing, bachelor-level studies in finnish

Nurse: Location in Hämeenlinna, Forssa, (Valkeakoski)
Public Health nurse: Location in Hämeenlinna

In HAMK Degree Programme in Nursing, it is possible to study nursing and public health nursing. During studies, students learn how to support, guide and take care of individuals, families, groups and communities in their needs and situations related to health and wellbeing. After graduation as a nursing professional, students have the knowledge and skills to take care of them and develop their professionality in different situations.

Social and Health Care Development and Management (Master-level, in finnish)

Location: Hämeenlinna

The achievement of the strategic objectives of social and health policy requires the social and health care sector to have expert leaders in charge of the planning, development and decision-making of the service system and the evaluation of its effectiveness. The objective of the degree programme is to provide students with the competence to work in expert, leadership and management roles in social and health care. The programme is especially focusing on the development and management of eServices, and modern and innovative development methods.

Exchange studies

The information below for exchange students arriving to HAMK, School of Wellbeing Wellbeing (from European universities, Erasmus- or similar mobility programme) The length of the exchange is normally 2-5 months.

Exchange studies in HAMK Wellbeing offer each arriving student a possibility to gain knowledge and experience in variety of practical placements, depending on their study plan.

Please notice International Semester – courses are only targeted to exchange students from HAMK Wellbeing partner Universities

HAMK wellbeing international semester 2018 - 2019

The School of Wellbeing at Häme University of Applied Sciences consists of the Degree Programme in Nursing and the Degree Programme in Social Services. To international students from our partner universities, we offer practice placements of different lengths and in a variety of settings in Hämeenlinna and Forssa (only nursing). The practice placements are individually tailored, depending on the availability of the placements and the incoming students’ individual needs and expectations.  Practice placements are arranged both in the autumn semester (mid-August – December) and in the spring semester (January – mid-June).  The minimum length of exchange  is 2 months. One week of practical placement equals 1,5 ECTS  and requires 40 hrs of work from the student.

During their stay, the students will become familiar with working in the field of nursing, social services or education in Finland as well as the Finnish society and way of life. More specific learning aims will be agreed upon between the individual student, the sending university and the placement mentor.
In spring 2019, the Degree Programme in Social Services will organize a 15 ECTS module on Creative Methods in Social Work and Education, which is aimed at social work and education students who are keen on adding a creative touch to their work.  The module might be suitable even for nursing students, for example those interested in mental health services.

In February 2019, the annual Wellbeing International Week takes place. The week brings together lecturers and students from HAMK and our international partner universities. The week consists of a symposium and workshops on various topics related to social and health care and early education.  Save the date! More information will follow.

Application deadlines

15th October for spring semester 2019
30th April for autumn semester 2019

Contact, agreements and exchange information, HAMK

School of Wellbeing:
Kirsi Liimatainen
International Coordinator, HAMK School of Wellbeing

Intensive courses

HAMK Wellbeing international week (1,5 ECTS) held  in February 2019. Automatically included in the programme of all exchange students in HAMK School of Wellbeing .

Cultural Competences (2 ECTS) A one-week intensive course for all exchange students in HAMK School of Wellbeing, arranged every autumn and spring semester.

Successful aging (5-15 ECTS). An online course available for all exchange students in HAMK School of Wellbeing, arranged in the autumn and spring semester.

Study opportunities and practice placements available in the two degree programmes:

Degree Programme in Nursing

Please note that the working language in Finland is Finnish. Most staff members speak English, but many patients have limited English skills. This has to be taken into consideration when the learning aims for the students are set by the sending university.

Practice placements  are available in the following areas:

  • Medical nursing
  • Surgical nursing
  • Mental health nursing
  • Gerontological nursing

The students can also carry out a 10 ECTS project on health promotion.
Inquiries:, Senior Lecturer, Degree Programme in Nursing in Hämeenlinna Unit, Principal Lecturer, Degree Programme in Nursing in Forssa Unit

Degree Programme in Social Services

Practice placements  are available in the following areas:

  • social work (mental health, substance misuse, disability work, youth work)
  • early childhood education or primary education

Creative methods in Social work and education, 15-30 ECTS module in spring 2019
More information about the module.

Inquiries:, Senior Lecturer, Degree Programme in Social Services

International Partners

Internationalization in HAMK’s strategy is in important role as it is in School of Wellbeing. HAMK has strategic partners, partner unive​rsities and double degree partners all over the world and bilateral agreements with over 100 higher educational institutions. Student, teacher and researcher mobility is systematic and directly supports HAMK’s operations. In School of Wellbeing, possibilities for student exchanges offer each student an opportunity to internationalization.  School of Wellbeing itself has more than 30 international partners around the world.

Collaborational co-operation

Master’s level collaboration with University of South Wales, UK

Master’s Degree collaborated in cooperation with University of South Wales, UK​

MSc in Disaster Healthcare (In co-operation with University of South Wales, UK)
Master-level degree (in english).

This distinctive masters in Disaster Healthcare is the only course of its kind and is aimed at experienced healthcare professiona​ls working in the humanitarian field, or those who aspire to do so.

A key element of this degree is its strong international and trans-cultural focus. This degree involves studying via distance learning, plus an annual two-week residential Summer School at the beginning of the course.

University of South Wales Web page MSc Disaster Heatlhcare (Online delivery) 

Brochure: MSc Disaster Healthcare

Services Offered

Nipsula open early education centre provides open early education activities to families living in Hämeenlinna. It is a meeting place for under school-aged children not attending full-time daycare and their parents. Nipsula is also an authentic learning environment for social services students at Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK).

Nipsula is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.00-12.00 a.m. Nipsula offers both guided activities and free play for children and parents. Families have an opportunity to meet other families with small children, discuss and share experiences and participate in diversified activity. The activities are planned, implemented and assessed by HAMK students and staff in cooperation with and according to the wishes and needs of the participating families. In order to participate in the open early education activities at Nipsula, the families need a service voucher granted by the city of Hämeenlinna.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more information!​

Niina Mäkinen, Head Instructor
Bachelor of Social Services
+358 (0)50 574 5552

Global education, Wellbeing

Global education activities and the export of expertise is an important part of operations in School of Wellbeing.

HAMK Wellbeing Global education Team – at your service!

We offer expertise and know-how in the fields of nursing, social services and wellbeing for Your needs:

Developing the professionality
Solutions for the needs of education
Educational packages and study modules
Research cooperation
Curricula development
Simulation pedagogy development
PBL learning methods​

Previously HAMK Wellbeing has participated for example the project of Kazakhstan Health Sector Technology Transfer and Institutional Reform. Together with international mobility and export of expertise activities, HAMK School of Wellbeing has taken part in several international projects. ​

For developing the professionality ,we have the expertise and know-how in multiple fields of wellbeing!

Examples of education packages offered

Simulation pedagogy training

The simulation trainings are executed in HAMK Education and Research Centre for Wellbeing through the simulation environment SimCenter Ainola. The main idea is to focus in issues related to ethics, patient security, dececion making and interaction, multi-professionalism and group work skills. The simulation environment SimCenter Ainola can be utilised in many ways in improving the communal work of the work community and in training of future professionals.

Through the simulation trainings difficult issues can be demonstrated and the experiences can be attained and changed. Learning in the simulation environment also helps to activate the ways of reasoning, find new angles of thinking and identify one’s own ways of operation in these situations. Through the simulation environment operation models, ways of informing and interaction with the others can be trained. In addition, new operation models can be trained and skills solidified before put in to action in the everyday work. The simulation trainings imitate real life situations and increase the interest for the learning situations as the learners are more involved. Simulation trainings include active experimentation and exploring as the learners are actively involved. The learners need to make choices and decisions and perform various actions and assess the consequences.

SimCenter Ainola utilises modern technology in different trainings and situations relating to nursing. SimCenter Ainola has a SimMan 3G patient simulator enabling real life like training related to vital functions. In addition center is equipped with ADL-simulator and junior simulator

Join to work with us in international environment!

Contact details:

Global Education
Senior Lecturer
Ms.Hanna Naakka
Tel. +358 3 646 7436