HAMK Wellbeing International Week

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HAMK Wellbeing International Week

Come and study in international atmosphere!

HAMK School of Wellbeing International week will take place on 18th – 22nd of February 2019 in HAMK Visamäki Campus  (Hämeenlinna, Finland).

What is it? Watch the promotion video

Welcome to annual Wellbeing International Week at Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)! The International Week takes place during February 18th – 22nd 2019. The week will be organised by HAMK School of Wellbeing, bringing together lecturers and students of nursing, social work and early childhood education.

Workshops will concentrate on up-to-date themes of social services and health care. A future strategic development area of the School of Wellbeing will be Design and management of smart well-being services, which includes the development of digital well-being services, preparing for and managing crises and critical situations, and promoting cultural well-being.

The Wellbeing International Week is an annual tradition, which brings together students and lecturers from HAMK and our partner universities in different countries. At 2018, fifteen international lecturers, 30 students from partner universities and almost 200 HAMK  Wellbeing students studied together!

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For HAMK students the International Week is an opportunity for internationalization at home, whereas the visiting lecturers and students will learn more about Finland and the social and health care services in our country.

In addition, the week provides an opportunity for planning future co-operation and forming networks.

Programme and Registration

Based on last year’s successful experience, International week 2019 will again begin the week with a conference on Monday 18.2.2019.

For the rest of the International Week, guest lecturers are invited to deliver workshop (approx. three hours a day). Students from partner universities are invited to take part to the workshops and for HAMK students, the International Week participation is incorporated into their curriculum.

HAMK Wellbeing International Week programme:
Monday 18.2. International Conference
Tuesday  19.2. – Thursday 21.2. Workshops: morning sessions or afternoon sessions
Friday 22.2.  Get together

All international guests will participate from Monday to Friday.

Registration for incoming international lecturers is open until Friday 23.11.2018.
Further information for international teachers: please contact to kirsi.liimatainen@hamk.fi

Registration for international students will be available from 10.12.2018 – 10.1.2019
Further information for international students, please contact to kirsi.liimatainen@hamk.fi

Registration for HAMK students for the workshops opens in January 2019

For further information for HAMK students, please contact to marjaana.virtanen@hamk.fi  or tuija.jurvanen@hamk.fi


Workshop descriptions

Detailed information of the workshops  will be available in December 2018.

Workshops from previous years:  International Week 2018 workshop description

Morning Workshops
Detailed information of the workshops will be available in December 2018

Afternoon Workshops

Detailed information of the workshops will be available in December 2018


All incoming teachers and students are asked to book and pay for their own accommodation.

In Hämeenlinna, there are several options for accommodation:

Hotel Emilia www.hotelliemilia.fi
(Hotel Emilia: Bookings with code WIW2019: Single room 75 eur/night, double room 85 eur/night, incl. breakfast and free wifi) Limited availability/bookings before 22.1.2019
Scandic Hämeenlinna City
Address: Raatihuoneenkatu 16-18, 13100 Hämeenlinna hameenlinnacity@scandichotels.com
Always in a Scandic Room
 Organic breakfast
 Wireless Internet
Days 18. – 22.02.2019

Room type Standard
Price 95 € single room / night
115 € twin / double room / night

Booking terms
All guests reserve their rooms themselves by contacting the hotel directly via telephone or email. All reservations should be made using the reservation code HAM180219 before 04.02.2019, or according to hotel availability.

Method of payment: The guests settle their room bills at the hotel.
Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna  (Next to the train station) https://www.sokoshotels.fi/en
Spa Hotel Rantasipi Aulanko  (About 4 kilometres from the city centre)
Airbnb  www.airbnb.com
Sleep Inn
Apartments and rooms available during the Wellbeing International Week:
Private apartments, located in the city center, approx. ½ h walk from HAMK campus.
2 apartments, each with 2 rooms + sauna (for 4 people) 450 €/5 nights or 540€/6 nights
An apartment with 2 rooms (for 3 people) 375/5nights or 450€/ nights
3 small apartments for 2-3 people, 350€/5nights or 420€/6nights
(Prices per apartment!)

SleepinnFinland hostel, Korkeakoulunkatu, located close to the city centre, 20 minutes’ walk from HAMK campus. (Formerly HAMK Lahdensivu Campus dormitory)
9 rooms for 3 people, 100€/5nights or 120€/6nights
3 double rooms, 125€/5nights or 150€/6nights
6 single rooms, 175€/5nights or 210€/6nights
(Prices per person!)

For more information and reservation, please contact: juhani@sleepinnfinland.com
Tel. +358-40-5843 946
An extra 10 % discount, if you make the reservation by Dec. 31st!

Bed and Breakfast – With HAMK students or staff
Stay in authentic finnish home!  Limited availability. HAMK Student / staff members will provide you a bed or a cach from their homes. Price includes linens and breakfast. Mainly one international student per one finnish home. Price is 100 euros per person (for the period of Sunday 17.2. – Friday 22.2.)

Arrival and Location

Arrival from Helsinki airport to Hämeenlinna

Arrival from Helsinki airport to Hämeenlinna
Hämeenlinna is located about 100 kilometres north from Helsinki. The distance from Helsinki airport to Hämeenlinna is appr. 90 kilometres.  From the airport, you can travel to Hämeenlinna either by train or bus.

Bus from the airport to Hämeenlinna:
https://www.matkahuolto.fi/en/  Express- busses to Hämeenlinna leave outside terminal 2, platforms 23-24 (busses to Tampere direction).
Depending of the bus, it takes about one and half hours to Hämeenlinna. Bus ticket is bought from the driver and it costs appr 18 euros one way. (You can also buy the ticket in advance from www.matkahuolto.fi with cheaper price).   Please notice, that if you are arriving by bus, you may need to change bus in Keimolanportti service station (about 15 minutes from the airport).

Bus station in Hämeenlinna is located in the middle of the city, and especially if you are staying in city centre hotels, (Cumulus or Emilia), it is a better to take a bus from the airport.

Train from airport to Hämeenlinna
Airport trainstation entrance is located between terminals 1 and 2. You need to  change train in Tikkurila train station to Hämeeninna. Train takes appr. one and half hours, depending of the schedule of the change in Tikkurila. Tickets to trains are bought beforehand from the train station. In Hämeenlinna, the train station is located about 1,5 kilometres from the city centre.  If you are staying in Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, the train station is right next to Vaakuna hotel. Taxi stand is also next to train station.

HAMK Visamäki University Centre
HAMK Hämeenlinna, VISAMÄKI University Centre Campus map  https://www.hamk.fi/campuses-and-maps/?lang=en

Visamäki Campus is easily accessible from the city entre with bus number 2 http://www.hameenlinna.fi/Kaupunki-info/english/Public-transport/

The distance from the city centre of Hämeenlinna is about 3 kilometres. Visamäki University Centre address: Visamäentie 35, 13100 Hämeenlinna