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Schools and Research Units
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Schools and Research Units

Schools and Research Units

HAMK’s activities are organised within schools and research units, which are supported by shared services.


Häme University of Applied Sciences has five schools. All HAMK schools:

  • focus on effective teaching and make the most of all the courses offered by HAMK for the benefit of the student;
  • support students in becoming entrepreneurial, to take initiative and to further develop themselves;
  • maintain international activities at home and abroad;
  • serve the region by combining teaching and research;
  • increase the vitality and attractiveness of the regions together with companies and other organisations.

School of Bioeconomy

The School of Bioeconomy functions in the area of natural resources and rural development. We work together with Häme Vocational Institute, which provides secondary vocation education and training.

The school has the following degree programmes:

  • Agricultural and Rural Industries (in Finnish)
  • Biotechnology and Food Engineering (in Finnish)
  • Equine Industries (in Finnish)
  • Forestry (in Finnish)
  • Horticulture (in Finnish)
  • Landscape Design and Construction (in Finnish)
  • Sustainable Development (in Finnish)
  • Bioeconomy Business Development (Master level, in Finnish)

The dean of the school is Mona-Anitta Riihimäki, tel: +358 3 646 5266, email:

School of Entrepreneurship and Business

The School of Entrepreneurship and Business coordinates entrepreneurial development and organises entrepreneurial studies.

The school has the following degree programmes:

The dean of the school is Ulla Bard, tel: +358 3 6464 261, email:

School of Professional Teacher Education

The school provide the folloiwng education:

The dean of the school is Seija Mahlamäki-Kultanen, tel: +358 3 6463 300, email:

School of Technology

The School of Technology provides engineering studies and also research and product development services.

The school has the following degree programmes:

  • Bioeconomy Engineering (in Finnish)
  • Construction and Civil Engineering (in Finnish)
  • Construction Engineering
  • Electrical and Automation Engineering
  • Electrotechnology and Automation Engineering (in Finnish)
  • Information and Communication Technology (in Finnish)
  • Mechanical Engineering (in Finnish)
  • Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology
  • Traffic and Transport Management (in Finnish)
  • Construction and Environmental Engineering (Master level, in Finnish)
  • Future Traffic Systems (Master level, in Finnish)
  • Smart Services in Digital Environment (Master level, in Finnish)
  • Strategic Leading of Technology-based Business (Master level, in Finnish)

The dean of the school is Lassi Martikainen, tel: +358 3 6466 420, email:

School of Wellbeing

The School of Wellbeing responds to the development needs of the social and healthcare service structure and participatory service culture.

The school has the following degree programmes:

  • Nursing (in Finnish)
  • Public Health Nursing (in Finnish)
  • Social Services (in Finnish)
  • Promoting Wellbeing Through Culture and Art Activities (Master level, in Finnish)
  • Social and Health Care Development, Leadership and Management (Master level, in Finnish)
  • Social and Health Care Development, Leadership and Management, Crisis Work (Master level, in Finnish)

The dean of the school is Anna Olkinuora, tel: +358 400 237 211, email:

Research Units

HAMK research units are significant social innovators. The applied research carried out in the research units produces solutions for the needs of bioeconomy, professional excellence, smart services and technology. Research is performed together with enterprises and other organisations. Students and HAMK alumni are actively involved in the activities of the research units.

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Shared Services

HAMK’s shared services support education and research:

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