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Health and lifestyle
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Health and lifestyle

Lifestyles to support learning

Exercise, rest and varied nutrition form the basis of well-being and learning ability. It is therefore worth striving to ensure that these basics are implemented in a balanced way in everyday life. It is worth making changes in lifestyles in small steps and remember that even a small increase in exercise, for example, is significant for health.

The importance of movement
Today, the well-being of employees is valued. It is no longer enough to know the skills of one’s own profession, but we also need good health, an active attitude to life, perseverance, good social skills and adherence to common rules of the game. They are all skills that each of us can learn by exercising. In team games, you learn interaction skills, playing by the rules, and practicing any sport shows commitment as well as a tenacious pursuit of results. Exercise brings joy to life!

Movement for students

University students sit too much during the day. One goal of university sports is to make students aware of their habits during working and studying and encourage to take care of their physical wellbeing by taking brakes, moving around and standing more.

Tips on controlling your posture and ergonomics

The aim is also to ensure equal opportunities for all HAMK students to exercise, regardless of campus location. At times, it is a bit challenging because not all campuses have facilities suitable for exercise. Then sports services are organized in cooperation with other actors. The semi-annual sports calendar includes all of HAMK’s sports services, and by following Yammer’s HAMK Moves group, you know “where to go”.

HAMK Moves

Sleep and learning
Adequate and high-quality night sleep supports learning and memory and promotes overall well-being. Watch a video and read more on sleep:

Sleep and studying

Sleep maintains your body

Sleep and other lifestyles
The quality of sleep is affected by all daytime activities and the general life situation. That’s why it’s worth considering whether to exercise enough, eat enough and right, and whether your time management skills are in order. Intoxicants affect the quality of sleep and thus interfere with a good night’s sleep. Efforts can also be made to reduce the stress that causes sleep problems, and it is good to address the stressful life situation in a timely manner. Read more about stress management

Better sleep
Mild and temporary sleep difficulties are common and are often associated with stress. Difficulty sleeping can manifest as difficulty falling asleep, as a non-refreshing sleep, or as a nightly awakening.

Support and help
For mild and short-term sleep difficulties, self-care methods can help. If you have difficulty sleeping for a long time or you are not allowed to sleep at all, it is a good idea to discuss the situation with a health care professional such as a nurse or doctor.

Nutrition and learning
A varied diet and regular meal times help you cope better and thus also promote learning. Student benefits include an affordable and varied lunch that is worth taking advantage of whenever possible.

Dining and other lifestyles
At its best, food moments bring rhythm to the day, in addition to which they can be important breathing moments and social events for us. Cooking or trying new dishes, in turn, can bring meaningful content and new experiences to life. A healthy diet also contributes to maintaining physical fitness and promoting weight management.

When there are difficulties with time management and other lifestyles, it is usually reflected in the eating in one way or another. For example, the food rhythm can be disturbed if the rest of the day rhythm is very irregular.

Read more :


Nutrition info

Support and help
Sometimes professional advice may be needed for your own eating and eating rhythm. This may be the case, for example, if eating constantly dominates thoughts or if the appetite is gone, for example due to a low mood. Then you should discuss the situation with a health care professional such as a nurse or doctor.

Reliable health information
FSHS Health Information Bank.ring where to find reliable health information from home? Researched and up-to-date information on body and mind health has been compiled on

Health care services for students
Healthcare services are available to students. Information about the services and contact information for nurses from different campuses is compiled on the Student Health Care website

If I get sick for a long time
It is possible that a student will become ill for a longer period of time during their studies. As an employee, a student can also apply for sick leave if necessary.