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Amazing Business Train

Amazing Business Train

Amazing Business Train


Amazing Business Train offers you an learning experience where, through co-creation innovations altering the region are made.

Hop in Amazing Business Train and you’ll get into a development journey in interdisciplinary learning environment!

ABT13 IS LIVE IN MARCH 2023. The 2-day  workshop will be done in 21st and 22nd of March, and in addition there is also preparation and reflection sessions included.

Amazing Business Train is back after 1,5 years of hiatus.  Now new coaches and new external experts will help you focus on the 360°-development of your business idea.


Amazing Business Train is literally the fastest workshop in HAMK (160 km/h). During the ABT the work is done is in multidisciplinary teams, developing either your own or the teams business idea during four days (15.3., 21.-22.3. and 28.4.).  There will be a total of maximum 35 students taken into the journey. The students are divided into two participatory groups:

  1. Owners – Students that bring their business ideas to the ABT. There is a maximum number of six Owners.
  2. Business Designers – Students that work on developing the brought business ideas. There is a maximum number of thirty business designers.

In addition to the credit units (5), ABT also offers the possibility to develop your skills together with the fellow travelers, HAMK’s coaches and all the other participants of that attend the ABT. In Amazing Business Train, you’ll have to the possibility to create a network that is operational and beneficiary to you even after the trip has ended.

During the eleven Amazing Business Trains there have been tens of business ideas and six companies that have totalled funding of over 100.000 €


Enroll at the latest 22.2.2023 at


Do you want to join to the fastest learning journey in Finland?

Do next:
1. Book the 15th – 22th of March 2023 on your calendar for ABT13
2. Make a presentation of five pictures that describe you and write a short explanation why they describe you:

The themes for the pictures are:

1. What can you do?
2. What things excite you?
3. What is the best in teamwork?
4. In what kind of situation do you learn the best?

5. How do you want to make an effect on your environment?

3. Fill the ABT13 application form 
4. We will contact you when we have selected the passengers for the ABT 13. (26.2.2023)


Jukka Raitanen HAMK ABT
JUKKA RAITANEN jukka.raitanen(at)

Hello to you, dear reader.


Welcome to ABT, a moving campus that will take you to a adventure to Hämeenlinna Business Parkki and Oulu.


ABT working kit is both a learning diary and a retunable assignment.
We hope this working kit will nudge something deep inside and expand your abilities to go towards the unknown!

As an excample, Amazing Business Train 11 Working kit:

ABT working kit etusivu

We see the world as a place full of learning opportunities




Vesa Tuomela HAMK Laiska lehtori

Vesa´s application for ABT 10

  1. I can adventure, experiment, fail and fix.
  2. I am inspired by canvases, postits and co-working.
  3. Best in team work are team members!
  4. I learn best when I am moving, 10 000 steps at work!
  5. I am making impact by publishing learning blog


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Jukka Raitanen HAMK ABT

Jukka´s application for ABT 10

  1. I can hardly draw
  2. New experiences in new environments
  3. Succeeding and doing something new
  4. In interactive situations
  5. Doing things that alter the world

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Anu Viherä HAMK ABTanu.vihera(at)
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Anni Pajunen

ABT 11


ABT 11

Amazing Business Train

ABT 11

Logo Design ABT 11


ABT Oulu Business Kitchen

ABT 11

Idean testaus ABT 11


Tampere Rotwalli

Team building workshop is on.

team think green

Tampere Crazy Town

Amazing Business Train

Timo Lahti ABT 10

IC 27

liikkuva työpaja
Teams developing their business ideas on a moving train.

ABT 10


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Traveller Rating ABT 10
Traveller Rating ABT 10
ABT 9 4,39/5