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Student everyday life

Access to campus buildings

Kuuntele Access to campus buildings 31.01.2023 12:46 HAMK uses the Esmi access control system, which enables students, staff and other stakeholders to enter our buildings when they are locked. You can have your HAMKO student membership card activated to functioncontinue reading


Kuuntele Accommodation 31.01.2023 12:48 Exchange students If you are a student from one of our partner universities who comes to study or complete internship at HAMK for one to two semesters, some of the HAMK campuses can arrange a studentcontinue reading

HAMK Moves

Kuuntele HAMK Moves 31.01.2023 13:08 Welcome to Hamk Moves! All the information related to sports activities on HAMK campuses can be found from these pages. Sports schedules, sports courses and prices. To stay up-dated about all that is going oncontinue reading

Living and Leisure Time

Kuuntele Living and Leisure Time 31.01.2023 13:17 You can spend your free time at HAMK localities in many ways! There are many opportunities to enjoy yourself and make new friends, whether you prefer to party, do sports or just simplycontinue reading


Kuuntele Meals 31.01.2023 13:18 Each campus has tasty meals to offer at a student-friendly price. With your Student Union student card or another Kela student card you can buy affordable food in student restaurants.  If you do not have acontinue reading

Student Financial Aid

Kuuntele Student Financial Aid 31.01.2023 13:41 Finnish students are entitled for student financial aid. Non-Finnish citizens are qualified for student financial aid only if they live in Finland permanently and have been granted a residence permit for some other reasoncontinue reading

Student Health Care

Kuuntele Student Health Care 31.01.2023 13:54 Student Health Care services are provided by the Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS).  Starting in 2021, students who study for a bachelor’s or a master’s level degree (including international double degree students) at acontinue reading