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Study Planning

Academic Calendar and Enrolment

Kuuntele Academic Calendar and Enrolment 04.09.2023 13:50 Students must enrol annually for the academic year as present or absent and also to studies on HAMK’s schedules. Current students’ enrolment for the academic year All students are required to enrol ascontinue reading


Kuuntele Curricula 27.02.2023 11:26 The curriculum depicts the learning outcomes and the contents of the degree. You may find the curriculums in the Study guide. Module maps of the degree programs can be found on the module maps webpage. Ifcontinue reading

Guidance of Studies

Kuuntele Guidance of Studies 31.08.2023 11:24 At HAMK, guidance of studies is a big entity that aims at individual support and development.  The whole learning community is here to support your learning. We will guide you proactively throughout your studiescontinue reading

Insurance for students

Kuuntele Insurance for students 29.11.2022 13:17 HAMK’s students are legally entitled to an accident insurance and group accident insurance when studying.  Students on work placement have also a liability insurance. And in addition to that, students are travel insured (AIGcontinue reading

Module maps

Kuuntele Module maps 01.06.2023 10:54 Module maps show how each degree programme divides modules into periods. They also show, which modules build the degree’s core competence or profiling competence and which of them are suitable for other students besides the degreecontinue reading

Optional Studies

Kuuntele Optional Studies 20.04.2023 10:02 Profiling studies build your competence on the work-related areas you want to develop. Profiling and optional studies Profiling studies build your competence on the work-related areas you want to develop. They allow you to turncontinue reading

Pakki Instructions

Kuuntele Pakki Instructions 18.04.2023 14:47 Log in to Pakki and start planning your studies! Pakki – Student desktop Learn to use Pakki student desktop right from the start and plan your study path, all the way from day one until the day youcontinue reading

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

Kuuntele Recognition of prior learning (RPL) 31.01.2023 13:37 Have you acquired competences that correspond to the learning outcomes and the level of your degree before starting your studies? Or do you have hobbies, or do you work or take othercontinue reading

Right to Study

Kuuntele Right to Study 26.07.2023 11:41 The right to study time begins when a student accepts the offered study place and enrols as present or absent for the academic year. Right-to-study period The regular completion time of Bachelor’s degree iscontinue reading