Studying at RUN European University - Häme University of applied sciences
Studying at RUN European University
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Studying at RUN European University

RUN-EU provides HAMK students with new opportunities

HAMK is one of the seven European higher education institutions forming the RUN European University. As a HAMK student you can take advantage of the exciting opportunities to enhance your international study experiences!



The studies jointly offered by RUN European University are open to all HAMK degree students. The studies include SAPs (Short Advanced Programme) that you can choose and add to your degree to suit your needs and interests. All credits gained from SAPs will be included in your degree.

SAPs are multi-disciplinary international studies where students study together with other students and teachers from different parts of Europe. The studies offered are from a wide range of fields, and so SAPs are a good way to broaden your HAMK degree. You will receive a certificate and transcript of records for each SAP you take part in.

The studies are worth 1-6 credits and each SAP includes an online component and a 1-2 week contact period either at HAMK or at one of the RUN universities in Ireland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Austria or Hungary.

Apply to a SAP!

You can find current SAPs offered to students on the RUN European University website. Find more about SAPS on the website.

Students can apply for a grant for SAP studies abroad. Read more about grants and applications.

You can complete “traditional” exchange studies at any of the RUN-EU universities.

For further information, please contact HAMK International, .

Students play an important role in the development of RUN European University activities. Students from each higher education institution have from the very start been involved in defining activities and channels for student engagement. The main channel for student engagement is RUN’s own student Student Advisory Board. Each RUN higher education institution has its own student advisory board composed of 15 student representatives from different fields of education.

Students participate in the development of RUN, contribute to the implementation of SAP mobility opportunities, and maintain contacts with student representatives from other RUN institutions. In addition, the Student Advisory Boards participates in the annual Student Week event where they meet other RUN European University student representatives.  The Student Advisory Boards elect one representative to participate in the RUN-EU General Assembly.

HAMK’s Student Board

HAMK’s RUN Student Advisory Board has been renamed RUN European University Student Advisory Board and it started its activities in April 2021.

HAMK’s RUN-EU Student Advisory Board 2022-2023

  • Chairperson: Milla Räty, Mechanical Engineering
  • Vice-chairperson: Rami Pennanen, Equine Business Management
  • Vice-chairperson: Tatiana Veteskova, Construction Engineering
  • Satu Virkkumaa, Forestry
  • Patrick Lohvansuu, Information and Communication Technology, Bioeconomy
  • Hafiz Javid, Computer Applications
  • Miika Pusa, Mechanical Engineering
  • Mohammed Faisal, International Business
  • Rita Gómez, Construction Engineering
  • Aleix Garcia Verdaguer, International Business
  • Siham Charifi, International Business
  • Alassane dos Santos, Construction Engineering
  • Daniels Henilans, Construction Engineering
  • Piia Gauriloff, Information and Communication Technology, Bioeconomy
  • Mikael Pronin, Bioengineering and Food Technology


Three students in RUN superweek


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