Studying for a Degree at HAMK - Häme University of applied sciences
Studying for a Degree at HAMK
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Studying for a Degree at HAMK


At our university of applied sciences you will gain competences needed in the world of work. Module structure is flexible so that you are able to achieve your personal goals.

Your bachelor studies are composed of 15-credit modules (master studies have 10-credit modules) which define the learning outcomes of your studies. The learning outcomes describe competences you will learn and achieve during your studies. Part of the modules are compulsory, but some of the modules can be constructed by choosing studies from HAMK’s other options or from other higher education institutions in Finland or abroad. In the modules you study in various ways, also online, and connected to real-life projects.

The core modules of your degree form the basis for professional competence i.e. core competence. It covers the competences you need to have in your professional field. Core modules also include work placement and a bachelor’s thesis and they are always completed in a real workplace or commissioned by the workplace.

In addition to core modules, you can choose profiling modules for your degree. This gives you an opportunity to build your expertise according to your own personal interests. The extent of profiling competence depends on the degree you will be completing.

During the studies you can build your own digital portfolio, which demonstrates your competences. With a digital portfolio you can show the evidence of your competences for example to your future employers.


At HAMK, studying is about doing and acting together. Every student, teacher, staff member and partner from the workplace has their own special role in this. A caring environment and a supportive community will enhance your learning.

Learning with us is not only about studying in a classroom, it is more and more about acquiring skills and knowledge in teams and networks. Learning includes trial and error. It is important that you can solve real-life problems in your studies and at work, that you have initiative and that you can cooperate with others.

Keep a curious mind and grasp new opportunities. You can shape your studies yourself by setting motivating targets and then working towards them.

You will grow into a professional by

  • working in teams;
  • seeking and finding information;
  • practising;
  • thinking;
  • and solving problems.


All students have their own strengths, own interests and prior learning, which are all taken into account during student guidance and counselling.

At HAMK you will have your mentors/tutors/coaches with whom you can plan your future learning in more detail. We challenge you to excel yourself – and at the same time we will support and encourage you to do so. At HAMK, we aim to link the studies to the needs of business and industry. Employers value initiative, problem-solving abilities and interpersonal skills. During your studies you demonstrate your competence not only on exam days but also in other ways and personal feedback is offered. You will find out what your strengths are and how to develop your employability skills.


Guidance for learning is provided by teachers but also by other students and representatives from the workplace. We encourage you to use and build networks, which will support your studies. Different types of networks are also part of your own learning environment:

  • student teams
  • staff members
  • social media and virtual campuses
  • other institutions in Finland and abroad
  • workplaces
  • extracurricula activities.