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Arctic Choco Conference
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Arctic Choco Conference

13.10.2021 klo: 13.00 - 16.00

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Chocolate is one of the most loved and consumed sweet delicacies in the world. However, chocolate is one of products with massive and multifaceted sustainability challenges. Cocoa production is destroying forests and chocolate is linked to unethical use of labour in West Africa, where most of the cocoa is produced in small farms. Tropical forests are cleared to plant new cocoa trees because instead of encouraging the productivity of the existing farms through improved farming technology, deforestation continues when new cacao trees are planted.  Due to the low global market price of cocoa, ineffective production methods and technology, and small farm size, cacao production is not giving stable income for the farmers and many of them live under poverty line. Among other reasons, the low farming revenues cause severe social sustainability issues, worst of them being widely spread child labour. 



The objective of the proposed Arctic Choco Conference is to strengthen the research-based support for developing the beyond sustainability -concept for Arctic Kultasuklaa.

The virtual Conference brings together the researchers from HAMK and University of Cape Coast, other selected stakeholders from Ghana and potential impact investors.

The main organizer of the virtual Arctic Choco Conference is Häme University of Applied Sciences together with partners including Kultasuklaa, City of Hämeenlinna, Crazy Town Hämeenlinna and Ambitious Africa, sponsored by FinCEAL.



The Arctic Choco Conference will be organised on-line on October 13th 2021 at 13.00‒16.00 EEST / 10.00‒13.00 GMT 

The first session of 2 hours includes presentations of the researchers and experts to frame the research of sustainable cocoa production. The first part is open for all.

Topics will include:

  • Sustainability
  • Supply chain
  • Improving value creation for cocoa farmers
  • Utilization of the by-products and side streams
  • Scalability and cooperation between Finland and Ghana.

The second session of 2 hours will be based on the participatory group works to map the relevant research topics for collaborative action. The results will be used to prepare joint research programme with funding application(s).

Please find the event programme from this link

Join the Zoom conference through this link: 


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13.00 - 16.00
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