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Career Days
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Career Days

21.01.2020 klo: 09.00 - 22.01.2020 klo: 16.00

Career Days is a two-day career event at HAMK’s Valkeakoski Campus organized by the GO STRONG! project.

21.1 Recruitment mini fair
Some local companies come to HAMK to find employees, summer workers and Thesis writers. The event will be held at 9-12 in A-building. Come and meet your potential new employers there! There will also be a chance to get your CV photos taken by a professional photographer, so don’t miss out on this chance!

22.1. Career path workshop for IB students
A workshop particularly targeted to the international students of IB, but also Finns are welcome! Some of IB’s international alumni are coming to tell you about their career stories and give tips on how to find work especially in Finland. The alumni who participate the workshop come from following fields of business: sales, start-ups and entrepreneurship, logistics and marketing.

Enroll NOW via this link:
While enrolling, leave a request on which field’s workshop you’d like to participate. We will divide the participants to different workshops according to their wishes.

More information here.


21.01.2020 klo: 09.00
22.01.2020 klo: 16.00