Tuudo - Häme University of applied sciences


All the services students need in one app – Tuudo!

We are using Tuudo mobile app at HAMK. It makes your student life easier! Tuudo is free of charge and safe to use. When you sign in once, Tuudo will remember you and you will find your important information and services quickly and easily.

In Tuudo you can e.g.:

  • view your personal study plan
  • enrol for studies
  • check your completed studies
  • check your personal timetable
  • book study spaces
  • use library services
  • view our campus maps
  • check the menus of campus restaurants
  • read news on different topics (student services, international services, library, student wellbeing, IT…)
  • follow student union HAMKO
  • read about Safety issues on your campus.


Tuudo app in your phone

Start using Tuudo:

  1. Download Tuudo from your app store.
  2. Open the app and choose HAMK on the list.
  3. Choose ”Log in with institution credentials”.
  4. Log in using your short username (firstname123 or username) and password and start using!

If you have technical problems with Tuudo, send an email to vie@hamk.fi, and you’ll get help. 

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Frequently asked questions about Tuudo

How do you navigate in Tuudo?
Answer: After logging in, you’ll end up in the home view. In the left-side upper corner, you can browse through Tuudo.

How do you change the language?
Answer: You can change the language in Settings (Asetukset). Note: Available languages in HAMK are Finnish and English.

Can you search and set another groups’ schedule in Tuudo?
Answer: Via Settings you can set up an alternative schedule in addition to your original incoming group.

Where can you search for studies?
Answer: You’ll find Course search in Studies view.

What can you see in the Studies view?
Answer: There is your completed studies, the search for courses, your ongoing courses and your coming exams and courses.

How do you search for studies?
Answer: Usually you’ll search studies with the course name or code and then you’ll follow or enroll the studies you want.

What do you see in Schedule view?
Answer: In the Schedule view you’ll see your ongoing studies, the studies you are following and your own notes. You can easily add notes by clicking + -sign.

The Schedule is formed by your enrolments and you’ll also see the studies you follow. (So you can follow any course you like after you have searched it in the Studies view and chosen to follow it.)

How can you search for reservations made to your group that are not related to any studies? For example thesis seminars that are not connected to any certain studies but are connected to multiple groups.
Answer: Open Studies – group search view and click the group code -> Tuudo will then show you the group related reservations in the schedule view.

Is the campus new for you?
Answer: In the Map view, you’ll see all the campus maps. Choose the right map and you’ll know where to park or where to find student services or campus restaurant. Press the search above the map view, and you’ll see those important added places.

What’s lunch for today?
Answer: In the Restaurant view, you’ll see every campuses daily lunch menus. Note: in the Home view, you are able to add your favourite restaurant. That way you’ll see the preferred lunch menu right after you’ve opened Tuudo (at the bottom of the Home view).

I don’t have a library card. Can I activate a card using Tuudo?
Answer: You can create a new library card with Tuudo. Select the function “I don’t have a library card” in the library view. Tuudo will transfer your information to the library system and you may begin using the Tuudo mobile card as your library card immediately. You are given access rights to the library the next day. Please note: at this point you are required to enter a PIN code that you will need when you use the library’s self-check machine or activate your library card on HAMK Finna.

I already have a library card. How can I connect my card to Tuudo?
Answer: If you already have a library card, select the function “I already have a library card” in the library view. Tuudo then asks you to enter your library card number and the related PIN code.