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Work and Career in Finland
International Professional Teacher Education

Work and Career in Finland

Talented international students! Are you considering finding a job and developing a career in Finland?

If you checked the box, you have then found the right place to get started!

It is never too early to get ready for your future jobs. We have developed these pages to help you go through different phases of your career planning, especially during your studies at HAMK. Whether you are planning to work as an employee or as an entrepreneur, you will find the relevant information and services on this site. We hope to support your transition into the Finnish work culture and labour market.

Check the following sections for more information.

Skills and competence

  • Identify your skills and competence
  • Develop your skills and competence through HAMK Studies

Career planning

  • Career planning as a process
  • Career support and services

Work culture in Finland

  • Finnish labour market
  • Everyday life at work


  • Tips for networking
  • Job fairs and recruitment events

Find work in Finland

  • Job portals and recruitment platforms
  • Applying for jobs
  • Job interviews

Career as an entrepreneur

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Support and services for entrepreneurs

Be active!

Be curious

Go from words to actions

Take chances

Ask for help when needed

Share your thoughts and ideas with others

Build bridges between different things

Learn from failures and setbacks

surprise yourself with unexpected situations

Remember to dream

Always believe in yourself

Try, experiment and make progress

Be determined and persistent