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Home The general public has finally awakened to the necessity – Data analysis guides the placement of waste stations

The general public has finally awakened to the necessity – Data analysis guides the placement of waste stations

HAMK’s research, development, and innovation activities, combined with the operations of the waste management company Kiertokapula, create even better conditions for local circular economy to improve the world. 

Bright blue, covered waste containers are neatly lined up in Karanoja, Hämeenlinna. This is what looks like a place that can, in part, save the world from environmental degradation! 

“The general public has finally awakened to the necessity of material recycling,” says Tero Helin, the Director of Development of the municipally-owned waste management company Kiertokapula Oy. 

Currently, Kiertokapula takes care of waste management in thirteen municipalities, with five of them having waste treatment sites like Karanoja. In the near future, the number of collection points will be increased by four waste stations. The placement of these waste stations is not arbitrary; their geographical locations are carefully considered to serve consumers as effectively as possible. 

“The optimal placement of waste stations is at the core of our operations,” summarizes Helin. 

The placement of Kiertokapula’s waste stations has been calculated using data analytics by HAMK Smart research unit. The research unit consists of experts from various fields as well as doctoral students and conducts high-level research and development work. 

Helin is quite satisfied with HAMK Smart’s work. 

“The assignment was received and executed professionally, and the delivery schedule was swift,” Helin appreciates. 

Kiertokapula has also engaged in long-term cooperation with HAMK in various ways. In addition to regular internships and theses, students have, among other things, conducted practical research on Kiertokapula’s premises, such as in the field of biochar, and performed various logistics optimization exercises. 

Currently, HAMK Smart is testing an electronic system in Kiertokapula’s area that digitalizes the company’s operations. 

I must say that HAMK is very active in areas important to us, such as recycling and the circular economy in general,” Helin states. 

“I like the idea that together we provide people, both HAMK students and our customers, with the capabilities to do good. When the critical mass is finally large enough and the technology is ready, who knows – maybe the world will be saved.” 

At HAMK, we cooperate with about a thousand companies and organizations every year. Together with The Bettermakers Partners, we build the future with commitment and long-term perspective.