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Planning your studies

The starting point for planning your studies is always the learning outcomes of the degree you are studying. You can find them in the curriculum of your starting group and more detailed descriptions of the modules that make up the whole degree.

Study Guide

From Study Guide you can find all the courses we offer:

Module Maps

You can check the content and timing of your studies from Module Map:


You can see your own timetable from lukkarit -service:

Right to study

As a student, you get the right to study when you accept a study place and register as present or absent for the academic year.

The studies leading to a Bachelor’s degree are planned to be completed in 3.5 years (210 credits) or 4 years (240 credits), after which the student is entitled to study for one additional year.

The studies leading to a Master’s degree are planned to be completed in 2 years (60 credits) or 2.5 years (90 credits), after which the student is entitled to study for one additional semester.

Scope of degree and right-to-study period

240 credits – 5 years
210 credits – 4.5 years
90 credits – 3 years
60 credits – 2.5 years

A student who have not enrolled for the academic year within the enrolment period will lose their right to study. Student needs to apply for reinstatement of right to study to continue the studies (see Re-granting the right to study below)

If you have not completed your studies within your right-to-study period, you can apply for a discretionary extension to complete your degree. Generally, the discretionary extension can be granted due to special causes only once and for the maximum of one year.

Applying for extension period

  • Make an appointment with your guidance counsellor in time before your right-to-study period ends and make a plan to complete the degree.
  • You will receive an email with a link to apply for an extension when your right-to-study period is about to expire. The extension periods can be applied for from 1 May to 31 July and from 1 November to 31 December.
  • Your application must be submitted well before the end of your right-to-study period.
  • The application processing fee of EUR 50 is charged for processing the application. The processing fee is based on Government Decree 1440/2014, 3§. The processing fee will be charged at the time of application.

If you do not complete your degree during the extension period, you can continue the studies you have not completed at an open university of applied sciences. You can also reapply for study rights (see Re-granting for study rights)

Former HAMK students who have started their studies on or after 1.8.2015 and have not completed their degree during the study right period or during a discretionary extension period, can re-apply for study right to complete their degree. The right to study is granted only once and no extension may be applied for. The right to study is applied for in the HAMK separate application on the basis of an incomplete degree in the service. A former HAMK student whose study right has been terminated can apply for a re-granted study right.

Who can be granted the right to study?

  • You are a former student of HAMK and have started your studies on or after 1.8.2015,
  • you have up to 60 credits of studies remaining (for bachelor’s degrees) or 30 credits (for master’s degrees), and
  • your studies can be recognised towards your degree and you can complete your degree at HAMK.

If you do not complete your degree during your re-granted study period, you can transfer to an open UAS to complete the missing studies.

If you are missing more than 60 credits (Bachelor’s degrees) or 30 credits (Master’s degrees), you can first study at an open university of applied sciences and later apply for study rights (see section: HAMK degree students studying at an open university of applied sciences after the end of the study rights period).

If you have started your studies at HAMK before 1.8.2015 or you have studied at another higher education institution and you have the required number of credits, you can apply for admission to HAMK’s separate application based on an unfinished degree in the service.

Application and timetable

Make an appointment with your study counsellor to discuss the situation of your missing studies.

How to apply in

  1. Select an education from the list
  2. See the details of the application under Special search: search based on an incomplete degree
  3. Fill in the application form

Autumn application period 1.8.-30.11.
Spring application period 1.12.-31.5.

Application fee

A fee of EUR 50 is charged for processing the application. A link to the fee can be found on the application form. The processing fee is based on Government Decree 1440/2014, 3§

If your right to study at HAMK has expired, you can register as an open university student. First check whether you can apply for a re-granted study right (see Re-granted study right).

The tuition fee options are:

  • 250 €/one semester (i.e. 1.8.-31.12. or 1.1.-31.7.)
  • 400 €/one academic year (i.e. 1.8.-31.7. or 1.1.-31.12.)
  • You can also choose to pay 15€ per credit point if it is cheaper than the time-based fee (the fee is valid for one semester).

Time-based payment methods are not linked to the number of credits to be taken. Tuition fees are invoiced after enrolment.


  1. Agree on open studies with your degree guidance counsellor
  2. Open the enrolment form
  3. Authenticate
    • Authentication is done through the service using either online banking credentials, mobile authentication or a certificate card.
    • If there is a problem with login, we recommend clearing the cache or using the browser’s private mode (incognito).
    • Only in exceptional cases, i.e. if you do not have any authentication method suitable for or if you cannot authenticate after clearing the browser cache or using incognito mode, you can choose an alternative registration form and bypass the authentication.
  4. Fill in the enrolment form
    • Select to enrol I am a former HAMK degree student
    • Choose your preferred payment method
    • Tell us which studies you are taking at the Open University of Applied Sciences or attach an annex listing them (these must be agreed with your degree guidance counsellor in advance).
    • Fill in the details of the registrant (authentication will complete part of the information)
  5. Save the form – you will receive a confirmation of your registration form by email

Once your registration has been received, you will receive further instructions by email. Please note that as an Open University of Applied Sciences student, you will receive a new student number and will no longer have access to the Pakki view of your previous degree studies.

For more information on these practices, please contact your study counsellor.

Enroll to the academic year and studies

As a student you must enrol for the academic year as an attending or absent student and take care of their course enrolment. Please note that if you are required to pay tuition fees, you need to pay them before enrolling yourself for the academic year. More information about tuition fees and due dates can be found from here.

Every academic year (from 1 August to 31 July), the student must enrol as a present or absent student.

  • Enrolment for the whole academic year is done between 1.5. and 31.7. on the student’s desktop in Pakki (Instructions).
    • From the top menu on the homepage, select STUDIES -> Enrolments
    • Enrol as present or absent.
  • You can still change your enrolment for the next spring semester until 31.12.

Students who register as absent in the middle of their studies should take into account the annual fluctuations in the offer of studies at HAMK and their possible effects on their personal study plan. Not all courses start every year and courses may be discontinued.

Students must register separately for each course they wish to take, e.g. for a module. The teacher cannot give a mark to a student who is not enrolled.

Students enrol on all courses via Pakki or Tuudo.

After the first academic year, students can register as absent for a maximum of one academic year. The absence does not count towards the maximum period of study. Absences due to compulsory military service (Finnish military service only), civilian service, voluntary military service for women or leave for the birth or adoption of a child (statutory reasons) do not count towards the period of study.

  • First, register as absent in Pakki. If there is a statutory reason for your absence, submit a certificate of the reason for the statutory absence to HAMK Student Services after registration, before the end of the registration period. Send the document using this link
    • The certificate of statutory absence must be submitted by 31.12. for the spring semester and 31.7. for the autumn semester.
    • The link is only active for the academic year enrolment period from 1 May to 31 July and for the spring semester enrolment changes from 1 October to 31 December.

A student who has registered as absent CANNOT:

  • participate in teaching organised by HAMK
  • complete studies or obtain entries in the transcript of records
  • graduate/get a degree
  • receive a study grant or a daily subsidised meal
  • receive other student benefits (e.g. travel discounts)

If you have forgotten to enrol by the deadline, you can apply for your right to study to be restored. Ask for instructions from Student Services, [email protected]. Your study rights can be reinstated if you have time left to study.
A fee of €50 is charged for processing the application.

When planning your studies, you need information on

The curriculum of your own studies:

In the Study Guide you can browse

  • The curricula of HAMK’s degree programmes, which describes the objectives and content of each programme
  • Study opportunities at HAMK

NOTE! You can change the language of the study guide from Finnish to English using the button at the top right of the page.

Application guide for curricula: 

The curricula are grouped according to the year of study. For groups starting in January, the curricula are those for the academic year starting the previous autumn. You will find a more detailed description of the curriculum behind the letter i. The structure of the curriculum shows the timing of studies in the different academic years.

By clicking on the name of the course, you will also see the published implementation plan.

If you need a printout of the curriculum or cannot find the curriculum you are looking for, please contact [email protected] and tell us which curriculum for which education and starting group it is.

You can also see the modules offered by HAMK for each academic year on the module maps.

Application guide for study opportunities:

You can explore the range of studies by narrowing down your search using the search criteria you want. For example, you can narrow your search by language of instruction, field of study, education, group or classification. If you want to remove a search criterion, select the blank option at the top of the column. To deselect and start the search again, return to the previous page and come back to the search screen.

On the home page of the study guide you can find quick searches:

  • open, elective and online courses
  • courses in English
  • courses suitable for exchange students
  • the learning materials used in the implementations

All search results can be sorted by title bar.

By selecting the course you are interested in from the search results, you can find out more about the course. The enrolment deadline stated in the implementation plan applies to the enrolment of HAMK degree students in PAKKI.

Free word search:

The search is a string search. For example, you can search for “forestry” and the search will return results containing the words “forestry”, “forestry”, “forestry” and “forestry engineers”. For example, special or wildcard characters cannot be used in the free keyword search.

The HAMK study guide can be found at

If you need a printout of the curriculum or information about an old curriculum, please contact [email protected] and tell us which curriculum for which education and starting group it is.


The personal study plan aka PSP

with all the studies for your degree and activities to help you plan your studies. You can find your own personal study plan in Pakki.

Instructions for using the Pakki:


Recognition of Prior Learning – RPL

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) means recognising and accrediting the competences acquired elsewhere and prior to your studies. The idea is that you do not have to study something that you already know and your competence will be accredited as part of your degree.

Information for planning your studies

Help with planning your studies?