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Koristeellinen kuva, jossa tyttö katsoo olkansa yli taakse ja hymyilee
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Field of Study

At HAMK, you’ll find education across seven different fields. You can explore these fields further on this page or find the education that suits you best through our study option search:


Sustainable future needs more innovative designers. As a skilled professional in intelligent and sustainable design, you’ll have an impact on future. Study to become a creative change-maker!

Entrepreneurship and Business

Business requires dynamic individuals, and we train them. You’ll receive versatile skills for your career so you can succeed in various roles and organizations as an expert in business, leadership, or entrepreneurship.

Kaksi naista, vaaleaihoinen ja tummaihoinen katsovat ulos kuvasta oikealle ja hymyilevät. Toisella naisella on tietokone sylissä ja he istuvat sohvalla.

Health and Social Services

Study to become a professional in well-being at HAMK.

Teacher Education

As a vocational teacher you do significant work with students. We provide you with excellent tools for your career and offer additional and continuing education along your journey.

Technology and Traffic

Study to become tomorrow’s engineer! As an engineering professional, you innovate on existing technologies and design the new. Simultaneously, you are at the forefront of sustainable development, enabling and transforming society through robotics, automation, and technology.